how to print from iphone to canon pixma printer

How To Print From IPhone To Canon Pixma Printer

You can send print jobs from your iPhone to Canon Pixma printers via AirPrint or other supported software. AirPrint does not require the installation of the printer driver or special software. The simple and detailed instruction for How to print from iPhone to Canon Pixma printer is given below.

8 Steps To Printing From IPhone To Canon Pixma Printer

  1. Open the item (document or photo) that you want to print, and select Print option.
  2. Tap the Share icon, and select Print.
  3. Choose the Canon Pixma printer from the Select Printer menu.
  4. Select the number of copies you require.
  5. Set other preferences according to your print job.
  6. Select the Print option again. The other way of printing from the iPhone to your printer is given below.
  7. Connect the printer and your iPhone using Bluetooth or NFC.
  8. Send your document/photo to the printer for printing.
how to print from iphone to canon pixma printer

Detailed Instructions For Printing From Your IPhone

Power on your Canon printer, and wait until it makes no noise. Connect your printer to your local wireless LAN. Pull the input tray out, and place enough paper into it. Check if you have installed the ink cartridges into the printer for How to print from iPhone to Canon Pixma printer.

Connect your iPhone to the same network. Browse through the files on your iPhone and select the item that you want to print. After opening the item, tap the Share icon, and choose Print.Go to the Select Printer menu, and choose the Canon Pixma printer.

Set the number of print copies you require and modify the print settings. Make sure the paper size setting matches with that of the media loaded into the printer. Select the print quality, contrast and other parameters as per your requirement, and select Print again. Wait while the printer prints your document.

Alternately, you can use the Canon app for printing from your iPhone. Go to the iTunes and download the Canon app. It is a versatile app using which you can easily customize your print options. Install the app by following the prompts on the installer. Once the app has been installed, proceed to print by following the guidelines for How to print from iPhone to Canon Pixma printer is given below.

Open the item that you print from your iPhone, and select the Print option. You can now see the print preview. Customize your print by modifying the print settings to match your print job.

Make sure to select the number of copies, color, etc. Select the Printer menu from the preview section of the Canon Mobile Printing option. A list of network-connected printers will be displayed. Look for your printer from the list, and tap it. If the printer is not listed, add it manually. Tap Print and wait while the printer prints the document.

Install the Canon PRINT Inkjet or SELPHY from the App Store. When a pop up appears asking you to set up the connected printer, tap Yes. Tap the Printer icon on the top-left corner of the screen. If you receive a prompt asking you to turn on Bluetooth, touch Yes. Select the printer’s name when it appears. The setup is complete if the printer appears at the top of the screen.

Now start the application, and touch the Select Images option. Now tap the image that you want to print, and tap Next. Choose the printer’s name, paper size, and other settings, and touch Print. Wait while the printer receives and prints your document and finish How to print from iPhone to Canon Pixma printer.

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