how to install ricoh printer driver on mac

How To Install Ricoh Printer Driver On Mac

To install the RICOH Printer driver on your MAC System, first, you need to download them from the manufacturer’s website. You will see a series of menus when you open the site. Choose your printer model and click the download link. The screen will display a set of OSs to choose from. Select your version of MAC OS and click the Download button. You can find the downloaded driver file on the dock. Install them on your PC by following the below guide of how to install Ricoh printer driver on mac. Make sure you have the ADMIN rights to open your PC, only then you can install the drivers.

Steps To Install Printer Drivers For Ricoh Printer On Macintosh

  1. Connect the Ricoh Printer to your Computer.
  2. Turn the Computer and Printer on & wait until it completes the initialization procedure.
  3. Log in to your system using the Administrator Account.
  4. Explore the System Preferences & go to the Print & Fax section.
  5. Add your Ricoh printer in this section.
  6. Fill the appropriate instructions.
  7. Click the Continue button to install the printer on your MAC system.
how to install ricoh printer driver on mac

Detailed Description On How To Install Ricoh Printer On Mac

Step 1: For how to install Ricoh printer driver on mac, first go to the System Preferences and click on the Printers & Scanners option. Click on the Add Printer icon which is indicated as a + symbol. It is present under the list of printers.

Step 2: The Add Printer dialog box opens. Click the IP icon present at the top left of the box. Mention the network address of the printer. Once you have entered the network address, your PC will automatically specify the Name, Location & Use field.

Step 3: You can also change the default details if you want. Next, select your Printer’s protocol. Click the Add button.

Step 4: Specify the Printer options. You can get to know them from your User Manual. You can also leave all the options on default. Basic printing will still work even if you leave the options as default & click the OK button.

Step 5: Go to the Advanced Menu on the Add Printer dialog box & select the name of your Printer Driver. Click the Print With option to choose the driver. Click the Select Printer Software option and find your printer model & click the OK button to complete the installation for how to install Ricoh printer driver on mac.

Step 6: Now you have to preset the configuration or create the printer profile. Open the Print dialog by pressing the Ctrl + P keys. Ensure whether you have selected the Ricoh Printer. Select the drop-down menu under the Orientation setting.

Step 7: Choose Job Log in the drop-down menu. Select the Job Type as Normal Print. Check the Enable User Code box and enter the PIN in the User Code field.

Step 8: Now Select the Printer Features in the Orientation settings. Complete the Settings as per your requirement. Finally, save the Preset.

Step 9: Click the Presets drop down menu and select the Save Current Settings As A Preset option. Give the profile a name and click the OK button.

Step 10: You can set as many profiles as you want. Enable the preset you configured before you start to print a document. More solution for how to install Ricoh printer driver on mac, make a connection with out technical experts.

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