how to install lexmark printer without disk

How To Install Lexmark Printer Without Disk

Lexmark printers are known for their printing efficiency. These printers can be connected to your devices via USB or wired/wireless network. For any type of connection, you need to first configure the printer for the particular setup. Drivers play a major role in enabling communication between the printer and your device. Usually, the Lexmark printers come with an installation disk comprising the driver. In most cases, the driver on the disc may not be compatible with your OS or would be outdated. The other option is to download the driver. The driver for your printer model is available for free on the manufacturer’s site and follow the given steps for how to install Lexmark printer without disk.

Quick Steps In Installing Lexmark Printer Without Disk

  1. Open the manufacturer’s website and enter the model number of the printer.
  2. Choose the correct operating system version and download the software.
  3. Run the software after agreeing to the terms and conditions of the license agreement.
  4. Select Add a Local Printer and choose the Type of Port.
  5. Enter the host name and select Next.
  6. Type the location where the software gets saved and select Browse.
  7. Choose Lexmark and select Drivers.
  8. Click OK and print a test page for verifying the installation of the driver software.
how to install lexmark printer without disk

Detailed Explanation In Installing Lexmark Printer Without Disk

Step 1: For how to install Lexmark printer without disk, first, open a web browser and go to the manufacturer’s website. Now, select the Downloads option and click Driver Finder. Type the model number of the printer and press Enter.

Step 2: To know the correct Operating System version, choose the Start menu and right-click on the My Computer.

Step 3: Now, click on Properties and a dialog box appears. Look for the System Type and select the correct printer driver software.

Step 4: Click Download Now. A message will prompt you to save the file. Click Save and specify the location for saving the file.

Step 5: Choose Desktop so that you can easily locate and install the driver. It takes about a minute for downloading.

Step 6: Double-click the downloaded file to open it. A dialog box appears and asks Are you sure you want to run this software?. Choose Run and click Next. When the License Agreement page opens, select Agree.

Step 7: Now, it asks for a Location to save the installed files. Take a note of the default location and select Next. When a pop-up appears, choose Add a Local Printer.

Step 8: Under Choose a Printer Port, select Create a New Port and choose Standard TCP /IP Port under the Type of Port option. Type the host name and click Next.

Step 9: Type the location where the driver software is present and click Browse. Now, click on My Computer and select Local Disk C. Select Lexmark and choose Drivers.

Step 10: Choose OK and select the printer name. Install the software & print a test page. Now, choose Finish. Try to print a test page to verify the connection setup and complete the process of how to install Lexmark printer without disk successfully.

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