how to install canon printer without cd

[Guide] How To Install Canon Printer Without Cd

Let begins for how to install Canon printer without cd, download the driver file from the manufacturer site for your location. In the home page, choose your printer model. Connect to a network connection. Open Driver, Software and Firmware page. Select the driver file that you need to download and start the installation. Accept the installation terms to installs the driver on your computer.

Installation Canon Printer Driver On Your Computer

  1. Turn on your Canon printer and computer.
  2. Set up a wireless router network connection.
  3. Connect your Canon printer and computer to the same network connection.
  4. Browse the Canon site on your computer for your region.
  5. Choose your printer model from the drop-down list.
  6. Open the Drivers, Software and Firmware page.
  7. Download the Full Driver & Software package to your computer.
  8. Accept the terms of usage and complete the installation steps.
how to install canon printer without cd

Steps To Install Canon Printer Driver On Your Computer

For how to install Canon printer without cd, first connecting your printer plug to an electrical socket using a power cable, turn on your Canon printer by pressing the power button. Leave the printer to warm up for some time.

Set up a broadband network connection on your network router. Connect your Canon printer and computer to the router network connection. Ensure that your printer is active and then press the Menu or Wireless connect button and hold it for at least 3 seconds. Follow the wireless setup instructions shown on your printer screen.

After the completion of setup steps, your printer wireless setup is complete. Now try to connect your computer to the wireless network. If you have an installation CD, load it on your computer and start the driver installation process. If the installation CD is not available, download the driver software directly from the Canon website and complete the how to install Canon without cd process.

Open the web browser on your computer and connect to the Canon site on a new tab. Choose your region from the list of available areas. Continue by selecting the printer type, series, and model. Also, select the OS version of your computer. In the next loaded page, find the list of drivers supports your printer model. Click Download in the Product Setup section for how to install Canon printer without cd.

Now the setup file starts downloading on your computer. Find the .dmg file from your browser download path and open it. Click the Setup file double time. Proceed with Next to move to the next step. When the installer screen prompts, type the administrator name and password. Click Install helper and then press Next to install Canon printer without cd.

Choose the list of software to be installed from the full driver package and then click Next. When the installer prompts to add printer click Add Printer. Wait until the computer searches the list of printers connected with the same network. Click on Canon printer name from the menu and then click Add. When the Setup Complete window appears on the screen, click Next and complete the setup.

When the Extended Survey Program screen appears, click Agree. When the Test Print window appears on your computer screen, click Execute and Next. After the completion of test printing, click Next and then click Next to complete the installation using the guide of how to install Canon printer without cd.

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