how to install a lexmark printer on windows 7

How To Install A Lexmark Printer On Windows 7

For how to install a Lexmark printer on windows 7 computer, use a driver installation CD or download the print driver software from the manufacturer site. Set up the printer hardware and install the ink cartridges in the Lexmark printer correctly. Connect your Lexmark printer and computer to a router through Wired or Wireless network. Install the updated print driver and other necessary firmware on your computer. After installing the driver, add your Lexmark printer to the computer and make it as the default device for performing your printing operations.

Steps To Install Lexmark Printer On Windows Computer

  1. Turn on the Lexmark printer after connecting it to a power outlet using the power cord.
  2. Establish a network connection on a wireless router.
  3. Turn the computer to an active state for installing the Lexmark printer.
  4. Connect the computer to the router and ensure it has a high-speed internet connection.
  5. Place the installation CD-ROM on the disc player on your computer.
  6. Run the Setup.exe file as an administrator and follow the instructions shown on the installation screen.
  7. Choose the connection type when the installer prompts you to do so.
  8. Plug a USB cable between the printer and PC to install the printer on the computer. Make the Lexmark printer as the default machine for performing all the printing process from your computer.
how to install a lexmark printer on windows 7

A Complete Solution To Install A Lexmark Printer On A Windows Computer

Step 1: First, set up the printer hardware to begin the process of how to install a Lexmark printer on windows 7. Remove all the tapes and the unnecessary protective materials that are attached on the surface of the printer. After unpacking the printer and its accessories, set up a power connection to the Lexmark machine.

Step 2: Place some paper on the rear input tray and extend the output tray to hold the printed output. Set up the necessary preferences on the printer control panel such as languages, country/region, date and time.

Step 3: Make sure the network router and modem are connected to the power source firmly. Connect the router and modem using an Ethernet cable. Secure your modem internet connection with a unique network name and password to avoid connection of unidentified devices.

Step 4: If the Lexmark printer supports WPS network connection, press the Wi-Fi icon on the printer panel or the touch screen interface of the printer. After pressing the Wi-Fi button on the printer, locate the WPS button on the router and press it within 120 seconds.

Step 5: If the WPS method is not supported, navigate to the Network Setup menu on the printer panel. Search and locate the router’s network SSID and tap it. Enter the security password to connect to it. If the network name is not listed, enter the network name and the password manually to connect the printer to the network.

Step 6: Turn on the Windows computer. Press the Wireless icon on the taskbar. Check if the router’s network SSID is listed. Click on it and select the Connect button. When it instructs you to enter the password for the wireless network, enter the encrypted password to connect to the network and move to the next steps of how to install a Lexmark printer on windows 7.

Step 7: If you have a driver installation CD, insert it in the disc player of your computer. Open the network drive and check if the driver file is compressed. If you do not have the CD-ROM to install the driver software, download the updated version of the driver file from the manufacturer site.

Step 8: After extracting the compressed file, open the folder. Search and locate the Setup.exe file and then right-click it. Select the Run as Administrator option. Click Yes when it prompts you to provide the administrator access. If you have only the Setup.exe file, start the installation process. The file will be extracted automatically.

Step 9: If you have downloaded a complete driver package, then select the list of drivers that you need to install. If you have done the hardware setup previously, click Continue when the installation process prompts you to do the hardware setup. If the hardware setup is not done, read the instructions on the manual and complete the setup process.

Step 10: After the hardware setup, the installer instructs you to set up the network connection. Choose a type of connection and click Continue when it requests you to configure the printer. When it instructs to add the printer, click Continue and plug the USB cable between the printer and computer. Once the Lexmark printer is added to your computer, proceed with further settings like E-Mail setup, fax setup, and complete the process of how to install a Lexmark printer on windows 7. Go to printer control panel and find the Lexmark printer under Devices and Printers. Set it as your default printer. Now the Lexmark printer is installed on your Windows computer, start working on it.

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