how to get lexmark printer online

How To Get Lexmark Printer Online

For how to get Lexmark printer online, all you need is to change the printer settings option from offline to online. If an error happens while you are doing a specific task on the printer, the print command generates an error on it and take it offline. You can change the printer settings manually. First, do a physical check over the printer as per the user guide. Proceed with the instructions given below to get the Lexmark printer back online.

Simple Steps To Get The Lexmark Printer From Offline To Online

  1. Open the Start menu in your Windows system.
  2. Click the Devices and Printer icon on the left side of the program list.
  3. Double-click the printer you want to change from offline to online.
  4. Look the status of the printer. The printer will display either Printer: Ready or Printer: Offline.
  5. Click on Printer: Offline option. The Printer menu will appear on the screen.
  6. Click on the Printer and uncheck the Use Printer Offline option. This step will change the printer from offline to online.
  7. Open the System Preference on your Mac computer.
  8. Go to Print & Fax, select the printer. Now choose open Print Queue —> Resume Printer.
how to get lexmark printer online

Learn In Detail About How To Get The Lexmark Printer Online

Step 1: For how to get Lexmark printer online, do a physical check over the printer. Ascertain that both ends of the USB cable are tightly inserted. If your printer is built with a networked setup, then ensure that the Ethernet cable is firmly inserted.

Step 2: Try inserting the end of the USB cable in multiple ports on your computer or laptop. If you have an extra USB cable in stock, then try to connect with your printer and computer. If the printer remains offline, then try to get the printer back online manually.

Step 3: To set the printer online manually, go with the instructions given here. On your Windows computer, go to the Start icon on the taskbar. Search for Control Panel option in the program list, and then select the Devices & Printers option.

Step 4: You need to right-click on the printer name and choose See what’s printing? Choose the printer that pops up on the Window and select the Use Printer Online option from the drop-down menu. Now, the printer status should go online. If the printer does not show the online status, then perform a few more troubleshooting methods given below to fix how to get Lexmark printer online.

Step 5: Try to remove all pending print jobs from the Lexmark printer. To do this, get to the Start menu –> Control Panel –> Devices & Printers. Now right-click the printer. Choose the See what’s printing option and select the Cancel to remove the current print jobs.

Step 6: Remove and reinstall your printer to clear this issue. To perform the remove operation, follow the steps given here. On your Control panel, search for Devices & Printers. Select the printer you want to remove. Right-click on it and select the Remove device option.

Step 7: To reinstall the printer, select the Add a Printer option from the Devices & Printers menu. You can also remove the Drivers & Packages from the list. To remove the Drivers & Packages from your operating system (Windows), you should sign-in as an Admin.

Step 8: After sign-in, go to the Start menu on the taskbar and click the All Programs menu. In the program list, scroll to the Accessories option and select the Command Prompt. Type the printui/s/t2 in the command prompt. It will open the Server Properties menu window.

Step 9: Now, uninstall the Drivers & Packages out of the printer in the question set. Reinstall the same as instructed during the printer installation process.

Step 10: Now, your printer will show online as its status and allow you to resume printing. If not, then there is likely to be an issue with the printer. Still you need more information for how to get Lexmark printer online, get connect with our techies.

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