how to get brother printer online

How to Get Brother Printer Online

How to get Brother printer online is described in the forthcoming topics. The printer settings on your computer let the printer to work in offline mode. Disable the offline mode in the printer settings to turn your Brother printer online.

Easy and Quick Procedure to Get the HP Printer Online

  1. Click the Start button on your computer or laptop.
  2. The button is located at the bottom left corner of the computer’s display.
  3. Select the Devices and Printer option.
  4. Right-click on the printer’s icon.
  5. Select the See What’s Printing option.
  6. Click on the word Offline if the display views that the printer is in offline mode.
  7. Tap the Printer menu when a window appears on the screen.
  8. Uptick the checkbox near Use Printer Offline and set the printer online.
how to get brother printer online

Description to Set the Brother Printer Back to Online

The Brother printer becomes offline when there is a poor connection between your printer and computer. This offline error may also occur if the Brother printer faces any hardware failure. The printer displays the Printer Offline message even if there is a small deviation in the power supply, to avoid this follow guide on How to get brother printer online.

To set the Brother printer online, it is mandatory to have a network connection between the devices. Turn on your computer or laptop which is connected to the printer. Click the Start menu located at the bottom left corner of your computer’s display. Search for the Devices and Printers tab and select it.

Click on the name of your Brother printer. Check the connection status of the printer. If the status displays as Offline, click on the word Offline. Select the Printer option in the pop-up window. Untick the checkbox near Use Printer Offline.

After clicking the checkbox, the Brother printer goes to the online mode. If the problem persists, carry out the upcoming guidelines. Power up the Brother printer by force pressing its power button. Once the printer turns on, disconnect the power cable and wait for about few minutes.

Link the appropriate end of the power cable to the respective port of the printer and the other end to an electrical outlet. Never link the cable using a surge protector as it produces power fluctuations that affect the print job. After connecting the power cable, wait until the Brother printer powers on.

If the printer does not power on, turn it on by pressing its power button. Reset your router by reading the guidelines in its manual. Also, reset the computer which is connected to the Brother printer. If the problem persists, reset the Brother printer to its default settings and complete the setup.

The above guidelines on How to get brother printer online may slightly vary based on the operating system and version of your computer or laptop. After turning the Brother printer online, you can continue the print jobs in the queue. If you cannot turn the printer online, reinstall the latest version of the Brother printer driver software that suits the OS of your computer or laptop.

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