fix the printer please

Fix the Printer Please

Printer issues occur at the worst time. Create a printer back up and follow certain solutions to fix printer issues. If you are printing from a system or tablet, go through the steps below to fix the issue. The main printer problems are described here with their solutions and it helps to fix the printer please.

Main Printer Problems and its Solutions

  1. There are different reasons that occur due to the Printer not printing issue.
  2. The error and warning lights on the printer help you identify the error.
  3. Check if the paper is inserted into the printer.
  4. Download and run the tool HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  5. Replace the used ink cartridge with a new one.
  6. If web pages are not printing, use the Printing Properties menu to fix the issue.
  7. Remove the paper jams from the printer.
  8. Reset the entire printing system to fix the issue.
fix the printer please

Resolve the Printer Problems with the Help of the Solutions

Check if the papers are inserted into the input tray. Install the ink cartridges into their slots. Verify whether the USB cable is connected, or the printer is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Select the default printer to begin printing and it helps to fix the printer please.

Open Control Panel from the Start menu. Navigate to the Devices and Printers. Choose the printer name from the list of available devices and set it as the default one. Check if the appropriate program is selected in the printer. If the issue is not fixed, download and install the Hp Print for Chrome app.

If the printer does not print from iPad or iTouch, check if the printer name is displayed in the list of available devices. If the AirPrint app is not working, use the Printer Pro app for iOS devices. It enables the printer to connect to the wireless network and it helps to fix the printer please.

If the ink level is critically low, purchase an authentic cartridge that is compatible with the printer. Unlock the ink cartridge cover. Press on top of the cartridge to remove it from the slot. Insert the new ink cartridges into their slots and press them until they snap into place.

If the web pages are not printed, use the width and height of the paper in the printer. Select the Print Preview option. You can select the Landscape mode if the webpage is wide. Locate the Shrink to fit option on the printer settings.

If you are unable to print Office documents, choose the document you wish to print. Click the Print Selection and change the options to fit well on the A4 sheet. Switch from Landscape to Portrait orientation. If you are printing photos, right-click on the Photo and select Print.

Take the papers jams out of the printer. Use both hands to take out the jammed paper from the printer. Switch off the printer while removing the paper. After a while, reboot the printer and the system. Try to take a print out to check if the printer is working properly and it helps to fix the printer please.

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