fix printer problems scan

Fix Printer Problems Scan

The All-in-one printers have the option of print, scan, and fax. Problems may arise if we do not configure the printer properly. You can find solutions to Fix Printer Problems Scan and make your printer scan; based on the error displayed.

Steps to Perform for Troubleshooting Scan Issue in the Printer

  1. Check the Scan settings and the connections leading to printers.
  2. Perform printing to make sure the error occurs only during scanning.
  3. Analyze the connectivity condition of the printer to network.
  4. Uninstall the printer software and download the printer drivers again.
  5. Audit the Windows Image Acquisition settings.
  6. Mute the firewall in the computer temporarily because it may block the connection to your printer.
  7. Use the Print and Scan Doctor tool available to fix the problem automatically.
  8. Clean the printhead and ADF rollers.
fix printer problems scan

Featured Ideas to Eliminate Errors that Cause Failure During a Scan

Analyze that the problem occurs in both print and scan. The ethernet port should be connected to the router. In the router make sure that you find the orange and green lights glowing. If the lights are not constant, restart the printer and router to fix printer problems scan.

Use the power-outlet present on the wall rather than using adapters. Shut off all the other applications running on your computer and shut down the computer. After a while, Switch ON both the printer and computer. Hunt for your printer model name in the computer and double-click to get connected.

Many routers work on 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency, but all printers do not support this range of frequency. Click the Network icon present in the toolbar to view the connection status and position your printer and desktop near. If the signal is poor, position your printer and system near to the router.

Download the free Print and Scan Doctor. The link is available to download the tool. Click Fix scanning from the options displayed. A tick mark will appear if there is no issue, a tooled logo will appear if it has fixed a problem and an exclamation mark if the test failed.

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is an assistant that supports the transmission between the computer and scanners. Sometimes, when WIA is not activated scanning may fail. In the local settings activate the WIA. The status should be either “Started” or “Automatic”. If it shows “Disabled” change the settings.

Some printers consist of an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). If the ADF is unclean or covered with leftover bits of paper, it may lead to improper functioning of the scanner. Use a clean and lint-free cloth to wipe the residues and do not use water to wipe the ADF.

Usage of firewall can block the network connectivity to your printer. Firewalls are designed to block suspicious network connections in your computer. It also blocks your printer network. Recheck the settings in your firewall and temporarily block your firewall to perform scanning and fix printer problems scan.

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