how to fix lexmark printer paper jams

How To Fix Lexmark Printer Paper Jams

To fix the Lexmark printer paper jams, all you need is to open the top cover and take the jammed paper out of the printer. Input paper jams occur when the paper tray is dirty. The internal paper jams occur in the middle and the external or exit paper error occur at the back of the paper tray. You can’t perform printer operations until you clear the paper jam. Go with the instructions given below for how to fix Lexmark printer paper jams

Refer To The Steps Below To Fix The Lexmark Printer Paper Jams

  1. Turn off the printer, Now detach all the cables from the printer and electrical outlet.
  2. Unlock the front opening of the printer.
  3. Look for any paper jam inside the printer. If so, then carefully remove it from the printer.
  4. Check if there is any paper jammed that is inside or outside the tray.
  5. Make sure not to insert damaged or crumpled paper into the tray.
  6. Check the duplex path. If you find any jam in it, then remove it carefully.
  7. Close the top door and connect the printer to the power outlet.
  8. Turn on the printer and try printing.
how to fix lexmark printer paper jams

Learn In Detail About How To Fix The Lexmark Printer Paper Jams

Step 1: When a paper jam occurs on the printer, it will stop the on-going print operation, and the paper jam alert light blinks on the control panel. Perform the following instructions for how to fix Lexmark printer paper jams. Remove the jammed or damaged paper from the paper tray.

Step 2: Open the top door and remove the cartridge assembly. Search for any paper jam on the printer cartridge. If you find any, remove them carefully. Raise the flap at the front of the printer and remove the jammed paper from it.

Step 3: Also, check the rear exit or cover of the printer and take the jammed paper out of the printer if found. After clearing the paper jam, reinstall the print cartridge and close the printer’s front door. Select the Continue button on the printer to resume the printing operation.

Step 4: A paper jam occurs when the paper feeds through the tray incorrectly or if you are using the crumpled paper for printing. The paper jam also occurs in the duplex unit, automatic document feeder, and other parts of the printer depending on your printer model.

Step 5: The paper jam occurs in the input, internal, and external part of the printer. For how to fix Lexmark printer paper jams, follow the instructions given here. Switch off the Lexmark printer and remove all the paper trays carefully.

Step 6: Locate the pick rollers inside the paper tray. There is a separate pick roller for every paper tray. To access the rollers easily, lower the pick-arm assembly. Clean each roller of the paper tray using an alcohol swab or damp cloth.

Step 7: After cleaning the rollers, allow them to dry for two minutes, and then reinsert the paper trays. Now, switch the printer on and run a test print. You have to replace the pick rollers regularly.

Step 8: If cleaning the pick rollers does not clear the paper jam, then contact the manufacturer to resolve it. To clear the internal paper jams, follow the instructions given here. The error codes 200 or 201 indicate the internal paper jams on the printer. Identifying internal paper jams is difficult.

Step 9: The reasons for this error are improper pick roller, paper sticking at the input sensor due to contamination, toner cartridge damage, or a disrupt surface on the fuser input guide.

Step 10: Replacing the toner cartridge can resolve the toner issue. The error code 201 indicates the fuser unit damage which results in a paper jam. Exit paper jams occur either in the fuser assembly or at the rear exit. For more information on how to fix Lexmark printer paper jams, contact our tech experts.

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