fix connections to wireless printers

Fix Connections To Wireless Printers

To fix connections to wireless printers, ensure if the router is turned on and the internet connection is active. Ensure that you are not connected to a Virtual Private Network. Print the Wireless Network Report and check the connectivity status. Match the IP on the report with the Printer IP address. Install the latest version driver software.

Step To Fix The Wireless Printer Connection Issues

  1. Restart your Printer, network router, and computer.
  2. Check and ensure the printer and computer connection to the network.
  3. Make sure that computer and printer connected to the same network.
  4. Update the same Network Name and Password in the configuration area and router.
  5. Do not connect to a Virtual Private Network.
  6. Update or download the latest version of driver software and firmware.
  7. Disable the firewall or security software while installing the driver software.
  8. Install the latest downloaded software and firmware on your computer.
fix connections to wireless printers

Various Methods To Fix the Wireless Printer Connection Issues

Fix connections to wireless printers, switch off your wireless network router and restart the router and then establish an active internet connection. In the same way, switch off the printer and plug the printer power cable out. Do not turn on the printer for some time. Try to reconnect the electric cord and switch on your printer after a few minutes.

If any outdated version of driver software or firmware installed, uninstall them from your computer. Remove the related files and folders from the device. If multiple numbers of printer devices are installed on your computer, then search for Print Management to open it. Click on the Devices option and select all the printer devices connected with your computer except your current printer. Click on the Remove Driver Package option to delete it from your computer.

Try power cycling your computer. Reconfigure the network connection and ensure that the router network name and password match with the same in the configuration area. If you recently updated the name and password of the network then check and update in the configuration area also to fix connections to wireless printers.

After connecting to the wireless network connection, print the Wireless Network Test Report or the Network Configuration Page from the printer control panel. In most of the printer, Wireless key direct provide access to print this report.

In the report, check the Connectivity status. If the connectivity is PASS, then it is confirmed that your printer connected to the network connection. But if you find the connection is failed then reconfigure the network settings. Virtual Private Network is a remote network connection, and you will not be able to print when connected to a VPN. Disable the VPN connection to use your printer.

Disable the firewall or any security software while connecting to the network. Browse the Manufacturer site and download the latest driver software and firmware. Open the downloaded file from the download path and accept with the driver software license agreement to install the updated version of driver and firmware on your computer.

Connect your printer and PC with a USB cable if it prompted during the driver installation. Enable the security software or firewall application after completion of installation steps. If you found with any issues, use the troubleshooter tool to detect the problem and fix connections to wireless printers by itself.

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