fix connections to printer in windows 10

Fix Connections To Printer In Windows 10

To fix connections to printer in windows 10 issues, unplug the printer power cord and restart your printer. Check and ensure your printer and computer network connection. Download the updated printer driver for your Windows 10 operating system computer and install it your computer. Try using the troubleshooting tool to find and get the issue resolved.

Step To Fix The Connection Issues In The Printer

  1. Shut down the printer and take out the printer power cord from the outlet.
  2. Inject the power cord again and switch on your printer.
  3. Establish a network connection with good internet access.
  4. Uninstall and delete files and folders of the outdated driver software.
  5. Restart your computer and connect to the network.
  6. Connect the USB cable or the Ethernet cable in the respective port.
  7. Browse the printer Manufacturer site and download the driver software.
  8. Install the recent version of downloaded driver software in your computer.
fix connections to printer in windows 10

Methods To Resolve The Printer Connection Issues In Windows 10

Turn off your printer and remove the electric cord from the power outlet to fix connections to printer in windows 10. Wait for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute and let the printer remain to idle. Re-inject the electrical cable and press the power switch. Press the power button to turn on your printer.

If you are connected to the network with the wired connection and already connected with a USB cable, safely remove the USB cable from the USB port. Install separate troubleshoot tool in your Windows 10 computer to resolve the USB issues. When connected with an Ethernet cable, remove the protective covers from the Ethernet port and connect the Ethernet cable to the rear side of the printer and computer.

When you are using a wireless network router connection, check that the network router is turned on and it is connected with an active internet connection. If the router provides active internet connection, then try to connect your computer and printer to the network. If the internet connection is inactive, then reestablish the router connection to fix connections to printer in windows 10.

Before connecting to the Wi-Fi network, obtain the Service Set Identifier (Network Name) and the security passphrase (Network Password). Connect the printer and router to the same network connection. The Network Name and Password of the router must match with the printer. If it differs, the network connection will be failed.

After connecting to the network, open your internet browser and browse the manufacturer site to download the latest version of the printer driver. Remove the outdated driver from your computer and all the related files or folder. Open the latest version of driver software and install it your computer to fix printer connections in windows 10.

If multiple printers are installed on your computer, search for devices in the Start option on your Windows 10 computer and then click the Devices and Printers to open. Choose the Remote Device option. Search and open the Print Management. In the Print Management, select all printers except your printer and remove all the other devices.

Restart your PC and try installing your printer and connect your USB cable to printer and PC if prompted as an installation step. If still, the connection issue persists, then use the troubleshooter tool to detect and find solutions for the problems automatically to fix connections to printer in windows 10.

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