how to Fix Canon Pixma TS9100 Not Printing

How To Fix Canon Pixma Ts9100 Not Printing

Few problems can cause printing problems in the Canon PIXMA TS9100 printer. Let’s see how to fix Canon PIXMA TS9100 if it is not printing.

Do these checks before you start:

  1. Check if the Canon printer and the computer are connected to the same wireless router (for wireless connection).
  2. Reinstall the proper drive software in the computer.
  3. Check the power cord. If it is damaged, replace it with a new power cord.
  4. Place the printer near the router.

Check for paper jam:

  1. Turn OFF the printer and open the scanning unit.
  2. If the paper is jammed under the print heads, hold the top of the print heads and gently move them to the extreme left side of the printer.
  3. Hold the jammed paper with both your hands and slowly remove the paper.
  4. Make sure the paper is not torn inside the printer and close the scanning unit.
  5. Cancel all the print queues from the computer and enjoy printing.
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Fix the ink cartridge issues:

  1. Check the ink status on the control panel.
  2. Turn off the printer and open the scanning unit.
  3. Make sure the ink tanks are correctly installed.
  4. If any ink tanks leak or clog, remove the damaged ink tank and install a new one.
  5. Clean the print heads.
  6. Remove the orange protective tape and orange protective cap from the new ink tank.
  7. Insert the new ink tank and close the scanning unit.
  8. Try to print and see if your Canon PIXMA TS9100 printer is able to print.

Clear the print queue and set the default printer:

  1. Turn on your Windows computer connected to the printer and click the Start icon.
  2. Type settings and click to open the Settings app from the search list.
  3. Click Printers & Scanners on the right-side window.
  4. Click the Canon PIXMA TS9100 printer and select Open queue.
  5. Click Printer from the next screen.
  6. Uncheck the Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline options.
  7. Now, click Printer and select Set As Default Printer.
  8. Now restart your printer and wait for few seconds.

Finally, the Canon PIXMA TS9100 not printing issue should be solved successfully.

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