how to fix a printer problem

How to Fix a Printer Problem

How to fix a printer problem is described in the forthcoming topics. Firstly, follow the basic troubleshooting and try to solve the issue. If the problem continues, do the troubleshooting according to the issue with your printer.

Quick and Simple Procedure to Fix a Printer Issue

  1. Power up your printer by pressing its power button.
  2. Wait for few minutes until the printer turns on and becomes idle.
  3. Take the cartridge out and unplug the power cable from the printer and an electrical outlet.
  4. Wait for a while and link the power cable to the printer and power supply.
  5. Do not use a surge protector to link the power cord.
  6. Power on the printer.
  7. Install the cartridges into the appropriate slots.
  8. Try and print job and check if the problem is solved.
how to fix a printer problem

Brief Description to Fix the Issue with a Printer

  • Power up the HP printer by pressing its power button and wait for a while until it becomes idle.
  • After the printer turns on, take the ink cartridges out. Unplug the power cord with the HP printer turned on.
  • Turn off the computer which is linked to your printer. Also, power off the Wifi router or an access point that provides an active internet connection. Wait for a few minutes and power on the computer and router.
  • Push one end of the power cable into the appropriate port of the HP printer and the other end to an electrical outlet.
  • Do not connect the power cable using a surge protector, because it may produce power fluctuations. Turn on the printer by pressing its power button.
  • Set the preferences at the operation panel of the printer. Install the cartridges at the appropriate slots. Hold the cartridge by touching its black colored plastic to get rid of ink clogs and electrical contacts. Now connect your HP printer and computer to the same network of the router or access point.
  • Perform a print job and check if the issue is solved. If the problem continues, use guide on how to fix a printer problem, and check if the cables are connected to the appropriate ports. Uninstall and reinstall the available version of the HP printer driver software.
  • You can download the driver from the software CD provided with the HP printer or manufacturer site. The site has a full-featured driver that is compatible with the operating system and version of your computer or laptop.
  • Configure the HP printer to its default settings. If the problem persists, delete all the unnecessary and temporary files on your computer.
  • If you feel difficult on how to fix a printer problem, you can contact the technical support team using the toll-free number given on this web page.
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