Find driver for my printer

Find Driver for My Printer

Find driver for my printer by following below steps. Check for any previously installed printer drivers in your computer. Re-install or update if it not works. If not found then download the latest version of your printer’s driver by entering the Printer’s model in the manufacturer’s sites.

Download and Installation Process of a Printer Driver Software

  1. Connect your printer to an electrical outlet.
  2. Connect the Printer with your computer through a network or USB.
  3. Check your computer for any previously installed printer drivers.
  4. Update your printer’s driver to the latest version.
  5. Re-install printer driver if you are already using the latest version.
  6. An Updated version may contain many bug fixes and improvements.
  7. Download the Printer’s driver from the printers manufacturer sites if no driver found.
  8. Install downloaded driver software and try to print on your printer.
Find driver for my printer

Installation Process of a Printer Driver Software for your Printer

To Find driver for my printer, initially check for any previously installed printers on your computer. To view the currently installed printers and printer drivers, search control panel option from the Start menu. Choose the Hardware and sounds option in which Devices and Printers will be found.

Over time, you may be connected to multiple printers and drivers at the various time. To modify or remove the currently installed printers, right click on the printers which are shown under the Printers tab.

To uninstall or update drivers, click on the Start menu and search for the Devices Manager option. You will be able to find the different drivers under each category. Right click on your printer’s driver to update or uninstall the Driver software.

The driver’s backup file will be available in the C directory (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository) in your computer. Remove the files in these directories to completely clear the older version files from your computer.

If you have an older version of driver software, update it by clicking “Update Driver Software” option. The Updated version may contain many bug fixes and improvements. If you none of the drivers are installed related to your printer, download it from the manufacturer’s websites.

In the manufacturer’s sites, you can find the driver software for your printer by entering the printer model in the search box. Download the latest of the Driver Software and install it on your computer.

After the successful installation of driver software, turn on your printer and connect with your computer using the network, USB or by an Ethernet cable. If still there is a problem in finding the printer use the free troubleshooter tool to diagnose and resolve the printing and scanning problems in your printer.

After I got to Find driver for my printer, the Troubleshooter tool will provide many automatic instructions and solutions which can be very effective for resolving many types of printing and scanning problems. In the HP printers, the HP Print and Scan doctor is easy to use and comes with its own instructions. There is an additional feature called support assistant which is a software designed to help you maintain and troubleshoot the Computer and Printer. It can be used to read important messages, diagnosing, troubleshooting, accessing printer specifications and find out even if your printer is still in warranty.

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