how to diagnose printer problems

How to Diagnose Printer Problems

Printer issues can be detected using tools developed by HP. These tools provide instructions for resolving issues. The HP Print and Scan Doctor get installed along with the full feature software or can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, which helps on how to diagnose printer problems.

Diagnosing the Printer Issues using Tools

  1. Install the HP Print and Scan Doctor software on your computer (Windows only).
  2. Open the tool, select the printer’s name and then click Fix Printing.
  3. Carry out the prompts that appear on the screen to resolve the issue. The instructions for using the HP Support Assistant are given below.
  4. Open the HP Support Assistant window, and add the printer to the list of devices.
  5. Select the Printer icon on the software to view the troubleshooting tools. The next diagnostic tool HP toolbox gets installed along with the printer driver.
  6. Open HP toolbox to access HP Printer Assistant.
  7. Click Tools and then select the Advanced Settings option if you have an HP LaserJet printer.
  8. Choose appropriate tabs to explore various diagnosing options on the tool.
how to diagnose printer problems

How to Use Diagnosing Tools for Detecting and Resolving Printer Issues

The HP Print and Scan Doctor software can automatically diagnose and fix printer issues. Get the software from the manufacturer’s site and install it by following the on-screen prompts. Select the printer’s name from the list of devices displayed on the software, and then click Next on how to diagnose printer problems.

If the printer isn’t in the list, select the My product is not listed option and then add the printer manually. If you are facing any connection issue, select the connection type and then follow the on-screen instructions. Open the software and click Start. Select the printer’s name and then keep following the instructions displayed on the software. Select Retry and then click the Fix Printing or Fix Scanning option as per the printer issue and diagnose printer problems.

The software will now display the diagnostic results. If you see a green checkmark, then there is no issue with the printer, a Wrench icon indicates that a problem was found and fixed. If the software displays an exclamation mark, it means that the printer has failed the test and an appropriate action is required for the user to fix the issue. If you see an ‘X’ mark, read the prompts and perform the instructions accordingly to diagnose printer problems.

HP Support Assistant is a software that can troubleshoot printer issues and keep track of the printer status. The software can be used to read all important messages, access product specifications, and obtain other printer details, besides troubleshooting. Search for HP on your Windows and then select HP Support Assistant. If the software is not available, download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Once you have installed the software, open it and add the printer. Select the printer’s icon displayed on the software to access various troubleshooting tools. Depending on the printer issue, select a Troubleshooting tool on the software to diagnose printer problems.

The HP toolbox is an efficient troubleshooting software that gets installed along with the printer’s full feature driver. Click HP Solution Center and select Tools if you have a LaserJet printer. Select the Advanced Settings option in the HP Printer Assistant window that opens.

Select the Print and Scan tab if you have an inkjet printer and then click the Maintain your Printer option in the HP Printer Assistant window that opens. Click the Printer Toolbox under the Tools menu and work on how to diagnose printer problems.

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