how to connect lexmark printer to wifi

How To Connect Lexmark Printer To Wifi

You can connect the Lexmark printer to Wi-fi by using a CD drive, print server and by WPS method. The first thing to do when you start to use a Lexmark Printer is to set it up effectively and follow the below steps for how to connect Lexmark printer to wifi.

9 Steps To Connect A Lexmark Printer To Wifi

  1. Ensure that the wireless router is WPS certified.
  2. Check if the Wireless Network Adapter installed and your printer is attached and working properly.
  3. Use the Navigation buttons to select the Start Push Button Method from the printer’s control panel.
  4. Follow the guidelines on the display of the printer to connect to Wi-Fi.
  5. Select the Wireless Connection Setup and Choose Wi-Fi Protected Setup from the printer’s control panel.
  6. Select the Start Pin Method from the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  7. Note the eight-digit WPS PIN.
  8. Specify the IP address of your access point in the address field of the Web browser that you have opened.
  9. Type the eight-digit PIN and then save the setting.
how to connect lexmark printer to wifi

10 Brief Steps To Connect Your Lexmark Printer To Wifi

Step 1: Before setting up the printer on a network, make sure your wireless network is working properly and start the process of how to connect Lexmark printer to wifi. The system you are using must be connected to the same wireless network that the printer is connected to. Connect the power cable to the rear end of the printer and the outlet. Now switch on the printer.

Step 2: Never insert the USB cable until instructed to do so on the display screen of the computer. Insert the software CD; if you do not have a CD, then you can download them from the official website.

Step 3: You can connect the Lexmark printer to a Wi-Fi without utilizing the CD. Before starting with the steps, it is necessary to know the exact model of your Lexmark printer and the bit size of your OS.

Step 4: Once you Connect the Lexmark printer to the computer, Windows will detect the software automatically. It will retrieve and install the software. Else, go to the manufacturer’s website and click the Support or the Downloads option to go to the segment from where you can download the printer software.

Step 5: Mention the model number of your printer in the search box. Locate your printer model, select the Download Printer Driver or Software option and select the OS. Fill all the sections including the language, and click on the Download option to download the printer driver or software.

Step 6: Click the I Agree option if you accept the license agreement and save the software to your hard drive. Double click on the downloaded software and select the Extract option to open the file content in a new folder. Click the Setup icon twice.

Step 7: Follow the On-screen prompts to finish the software installation. Connect the printer and your computer when prompted. Select the Finish button to exit the program and reboot to apply the changes. Take a print test to make sure it works correctly. By performing the steps mentioned above of how to connect Lexmark printer to wifi, you can easily connect your Lexmark printer to the Wi-Fi even without a CD.

Step 8: To connect the printer to Wi-fi in MAC, choose Reports from the Menu icon and select the Network Setup Page option. Specify the printer information. Select the Internet Connect option from the Applications menu and choose AirPort.

Step 9: Select the print server from the Network Name pop-up menu. Open a Web browser. From the bookmarks menu, select the Show or Show All Bookmarks option. Choose the Bonjour option from the Collections menu and click the printer name twice.

Step 10: Type the SSID in the recommended field. If you are making use of a wireless router, then choose infrastructure as your Network Mode Setting. Select the type of security to protect your wireless network. Mention the security information necessary for a printer to connect to the wireless network and click the Submit option for the final step of how to connect Lexmark printer to wifi.

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