how to connect Epson wf 3640 to computer

How To Connect Epson WF 3640 To Computer

For how to connect Epson wf 3640 to computer, use the Wi-Fi function embedded in the Epson WorkForce 3640 printer to connect it to a wireless network and bring it online. If you want to secure the wireless connection, press the WPS button on the router and when the printer prompts to enter the password, type the WPS pin.

Connect The Printer To Wi-Fi Through The Inbuilt Wireless Option

  1. Power up the router bridged with a Wireless Access Point.
  2. Link the printer to a power outlet and power it up.
  3. Access the Settings menu from the control panel of the printer.
  4. Navigate to the Network Setup menu and tap the Wireless tab.
  5. Touch the toggle switch on top to activate the Wi-Fi function.
  6. Select the desired network from the printer screen.
  7. Fill in the WEP security key if the printer prompts.
  8. Ensure that the Wireless light changes from orange to blue color.
how to connect epson wf 3640 to computer

Bring The Epson Printer Online Using The WiFi Direct Software

To work on how to connect Epson wf 3640 to computer, press the Home button on the printer’s access panel if you are on another screen. Press the Wi-Fi button to open the Wireless Setup screen. Scroll the page down and select the Wi-Fi Direct Setup menu from the list. On the next screen, select the Connection Setup option.

Choose the Change Password option and then click the Yes icon. The devices that are connected previously via Wi-Fi Direct will be disconnected when the password is changed. Using the on-screen keyboard, type a new password. Make sure to type the password with 8 to 22 digit alphanumeric characters.

Press the Enter or OK key after typing the password. Wait until you see a Wi-Fi Direct Connection screen. Scroll the page down to view the SSID (Wi-Fi network name and password). If your network name is displayed, tap the desired one and type the newly set password and work on how to connect Epson wf 3640 to computer.

Tap the Home button on the control panel to revert to the home screen. Ensure that an AP, D, or Direct connection symbol is present on the screen. You can also establish the wireless connection using a wireless router with the printer’s Wi-Fi, the router acting as the hotspot.

Install the driver files for your printer before initializing the wireless setup process, using the installation disc. Go to the Control Panel settings on your printer and select the Wireless Settings menu. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard option and halt for a few seconds.

Power up your router that is connected to a Wireless Access Point and ensure that the WAP has an active internet connection. If the auto-connect mode is enabled, the printer bridges with your wireless network automatically. In case the auto-connect mode is disabled or not applicable, a list of available networks displays on the printer screen.

Select the desired network from the list. If your network is protected with an encryption key (WPA/WEP key), get the details of the network password from the router. Type the password in the dialog box and touch OK. After the wireless network connection sets up successfully, the printer displays a notification stating that the connection is successful and finish the process of how to connect Epson wf 3640 to computer.

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