how to connect canon mg3520 printer to wifi

How to Connect Canon MG3520 Printer to Wifi

The Canon MG 3520 printer has adapters that allow it to link to devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. The advantage of utilizing a wireless connection is, you can keep the Canon MG3520 printer in any suitable location and finish for how to connect canon mg3520 printer to wifi process.

Instructions To Link The Canon MG3520 Printer To The Network

  1. Make sure to power on your Canon MG 3520 printer.
  2. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi button that is located on top of your Canon printer.
  3. Do not continue until the Alarm lamp blinks at least once.
  4. Confirm if the lamp available next to the Wi-Fi button is flickering.
  5. Go to your access point and tap the WPS button on it.
  6. Wait for about two to three minutes.
  7. Check if the Wi-Fi light is flashing.
  8. Ensure that the Wi-Fi and Power lamps have stopped blinking after bridging to the network.
how to connect canon mg3520 printer to wifi

How To Connect The Canon MG3520 Printer To The Wireless Network

WPS Connectivity: Power On your Canon MG3520 printer. Tap the Wi-Fi button that is available on top of the Canon MG3520 printer. Keep holding the Wi-Fi button until the Alarm light blinks at least one time for how to connect canon mg3520 printer to wifi.

Standard Connectivity Mode: For Windows computers, load the installer CD that is given along with your Canon MG3520 printer. If the installer CD is not present, launch the software from this site. Choose the Next button on the initial window that opens on your computer.

If you are using a MAC PC, wait until the Helper tool gets installed. Click the Next option, and a window appears on the desktop. Select the Wireless button and ensure that the Canon MG3520 printer is switched On. Confirm that the Power light is turned On. Now click Next and then choose the Connect to the Network option.

A dialog box will open on your system, choose the Cableless option on it. If your PC operates on Windows XP, the Cableless service is not supported. A Connection via Cableless Setup pop-up menu displays on the screen on the procedure of how to connect canon MG3520 printer to wifi. Long press and hold the Wi-Fi button which is located on the Canon MG3520 printer. Do not continue until the orange Alarm lamp flickers for at least two times. Release the Wi-Fi button and verify if the Wi-Fi lamp is blinking quickly. Ensure that the Green lamp is switched On and then tap the Next option.

For Windows XP devices, select the Wireless Setup using USB cable option. Choose your place of residence, then tap Next, and then a window will open on your computer. Click all the necessary software that you wish to launch and then press the Next option.

Accept the end user license agreement by selecting the Yes option. Mac: Click the Add Printer option and select the Canon IJ Network Driver version, and then press the Add button. Conclude the wireless network set up by selecting the Next option.

Windows: Select Next and a pop-up menu that shows the name of your Service Set Identifier with your Canon printer model. After you have finished the wireless connection mode, carry out any tasks of the Canon MG3520 printer and do the process of how to connect canon mg3520 printer to wifi.

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