how to connect my brother wireless printer

How To Connect My Brother Wireless Printer

To work on how to connect my Brother wireless printer, long press the Wi-Fi button on your Brother printer to activate the Wireless function. Power on the router that you are using. Tap the desired network on the printer’s access panel. Type the password if prompted and connect to the network.

Connect Your Brother Printer To A Reliable Wireless Network Connection

  1. Access from the control panel, the Settings menu on the printer.
  2. Locate and tap the Wireless Settings or Network Settings tab.
  3. Tap the Wireless icon and select the slide toggle switch.
  4. Wait for a few seconds and the Wi-Fi function turns on.
  5. Turn on the WAP and connect the router to the WAP.
  6. Select the desired network once the list appears on the screen.
  7. Enter the security code on the keypad if prompted.
  8. Check the connection status once the wireless connection is successful.
how to connect my brother wireless printer

How To Build A Wireless Connection On Your Brother Printer

To begin for how to connect my Brother wireless printer, link your Brother printer to an electrical supply using the printer’s electrical cord. Long press the printer’s Power button and release it when the printer turns on. Use the printer’s access panel and navigate to the Control Panel menu. Identify the Wireless Settings tab and open it. Touch the Wireless menu and move the toggle switch on top of the screen from left to right.

Wait for a while and the Wi-Fi function activates. Ensure that the Wireless light on the printer’s access panel blinks (the light should flash in bright orange color steadily). Power up your wireless router. Make sure to connect it to a Wireless Access Point that has an active internet connection. Ensure that the printer is placed within the router’s range.

If the auto-connect mode on your printer is enabled, the printer’s Wi-Fi bridges with the wireless network automatically and the Wireless light changes from orange color to blue color. If the automatically-connect mode is disabled, a list of active networks appears on the printer’s display. Tap on the desired wireless network and connect to the router manually to work on how to connect my Brother wireless printer.

Power on your Mac device and activate the Wireless feature in it. Connect it to the same wireless network to which the printer is connected. Make sure it is a Local Area Network. Initiate a print or scan job and ensure that the printer communicates with the computer accurately.

When you perform the first time printer setup, after finishing the driver installation process, click the Next button. On the Credentials window, select your Country and place of residence. A window pops up with a list of software; separately provided for Windows and Mac. Select the software you want to install, click the check-box next to it, and click the Next button.

On the next window, click Yes to confirm that you agree to the end user license agreement and then click Next. The forthcoming screen denotes your printer model and the SSID of your wireless network. Click Complete to conclude the Cableless setup process. Connect the printer to your network to complete the process of how to connect my Brother wireless printer.

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