how to connect brother printer to network

How To Connect Brother Printer To Network

To know how to connect Brother printer to network, note down the SSID or the network name and password. Install the necessary Brother machine’s drivers and software by using the installation CD-ROM on your computer for a successful network connection.

Wireless Network Setup For The Brother Machine

  1. Affix one terminal of the power cord into the Brother printer.
  2. Connect another terminal into the electrical socket.
  3. Use the Up and Down arrow buttons and select Network.
  4. Press OK and tap the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  5. When a WLAN Enable? Screen prompts, tap Yes to enable the Wi-Fi network.
  6. The Brother printer will start to search for the available networks.
  7. Choose your network name and enter the WEP key.
  8. Download and install the Brother machine’s drivers and software.
how to connect brother printer to network

Wireless Network Setup Instructions For The Brother Machine

To start for how to connect brother printer to network, gather the network name and the password. Now, power on the Brother machine and enable the Wi-Fi network on your printer. To find out the Network Name and Network Key, check the wireless router or refer the documentation provided with the router.

On your Brother machine, tap Menu and use the UP and Down keys for navigating to the Network option. Press the Network option and tap OK. Choose the WLAN option and touch OK. Tap the UP or Down arrow and click on the Wireless Setup Wizard option. When a WLAN Enable? Message is prompted, click OK.

Now, the Brother machine will start to search for the available networks. Locate your SSID name and use the arrow keys to select on your network name. Touch OK. Enter the WEP/WPA passphrase and press OK. The Brother machine will now connect with your Wi-Fi network. A connection report will be displayed on the printer’s control panel and move to the next step for how to connect brother printer to network.

After you enable the network connection on your printer, now proceed to install the Brother machine drivers and software. Power on your computer and disable the firewall software on your computer until you install the printer software. Load the installation CD-ROM into the CD Drive and wait until the Welcome screen appears on your computer.

Ensure that your Brother machine’s model number is displayed on the Setup screen. If a language preference option is displayed, select your preferred language. Click the Initial Installation option and then choose Install MFL-Pro Suite. Select Yes and accept the end user License and Agreements.

On the connectivity screen, select the connection type as Wireless Network Connection and select Next. Read and follow the on-screen guidelines until the Choose The Machine From The List option appears on the screen. Select your Brother machine from the list.

Click Next and complete the Brother machine setup. Do not click the Cancel option from any of the screens. It might take some time to complete the Brother machine wireless setup and how to connect brother printer to network. Now, open a document or image and try printing a sample page to ensure proper network connection on your Brother machine.

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