how to clean lexmark printer

How To Clean Lexmark Printer

Power off the printer before you start cleaning. Now, you should open the front cover and clean by using a dry lint-free cloth. Install the components back again and close the door for successful printing. Find below the more solutions for how to clean Lexmark printer.

Quick Steps In Cleaning The Lexmark Printer

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Tap the button on the left-hand side of the printer and lower the cover to open the front door.
  3. Remove the cartridge assembly of the printer by pulling the cartridge handle and placing the printer on a flat surface.
  4. Look for the glass printhead lens at the top of the printer.
  5. Wipe the lens with a lint-free cloth.
  6. Install the cartridge assembly back in the printer.
  7. Close the front cover.
  8. Turn on the printer and print a page.
how to clean lexmark printer

Detailed Explanation To Clean The Lexmark Printer

Step 1: Switch off the printer.

Step 2: Open the front cover by tapping the button on the left side of the Lexmark printer and lowering the cover.

Step 3: Take the print cartridge assembly from the printer by pulling the toner cartridge handle. Keep the print cartridge assembly on a clean flat surface and move to the next step of how to clean Lexmark printer.

Step 4: Do not tap the button on the print cartridge assembly while removing it.

Step 5: Never leave the cartridge assembly exposed to light.

Step 6: Search for the glass printhead lens which is located within the recessed area on top of the printer.

Step 7: Now, wipe the printhead lens with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth gently. The cloth that is not dry and clean may damage the printhead lens.

Step 8: Install the printer cartridge assembly in the printer. You can do this by aligning the green arrows on the guides of the print cartridge assembly with the green arrow on the tracks of the Lexmark printer. ->Now, push the print cartridge assembly into the printer.

Step 9: Close the front cover and switch on the printer. Now, print a test page to look for issues and complete the process of how to clean Lexmark printer.

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