how to clean Epson printer head

How to Clean Epson Printer Head

Epson printer head cleaning doesn’t work:

The Epson printhead gets clogged when there is dry ink left over in the printhead region. The device either stops printing or prints undesirable output when it is clogged. The clog must be cleared in order to regain the print quality on the device and follow How to clean Epson printer head instructions as follow.

Steps to Resolve Printhead Cleaner Issue on Epson Printer

  1. Power up the printer.
  2. Remove the installed ink cartridges from the printer and check them for any clog.
  3. Place the cartridges back into the printer after cleaning them.
  4. Open settings using the printer’s control panel.
  5. Look for the maintenance option.
  6. Find out the Printhead cleaning tool in the maintenance tab and click on it.
  7. Wait for the device to complete the printhead cleaning process on its own.
  8. Once the printhead cleaning is completed, print a test page to verify whether the issue is resolved.
how to clean Epson printer head

Detailed Procedure to Resolve Printhead Cleaning Issues

Plug in the power cord into the wall outlet and power ON the Epson printer. Ensure that the printer is connected to a direct wall socket. Connecting the printer to a UPS or a spike buster will not allow the printer to draw optimum power.

Access the cartridge area and examine whether the ink cartridge used is genuine. Use only original ink cartridges on the printer to avoid issues with the printhead. Check if the ink in the installed cartridges are dry or empty. Replace those cartridges immediately with new ones to resolve this issue on How to clean Epson printer head. Ensure that the protective tape is removed from the cartridges before installing.

Restart the printer and try the printhead cleaning cycle. Upon completion print a test page to check if the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, move forward with the next step. Remove the cartridges from the printhead and look for any spillage in the printhead compartment.

Ensure that the Epson printer is turned off before handling the printhead. Use a syringe or filler and draw distilled water in it. Pour the water as drops on the printhead sponge. The sponge lies below the printhead compartment as one or two layers.

The ink that is dried and clogged in the printhead gets dissolved and will get absorbed automatically when the device is switched on again. Do not pour too much of water, so as to ensure that the sponge is not damaged.

The identical procedure can be carried out using the cleaner solution instead of distilled water. Allow the device to dry for an hour before commencing operation again. Paper towels can be utilized to dry the sponge in the printhead. The issue will now be resolved. For any further assistance on the Epson printhead cleaning, reach out to our technical support team.

If you find the issue unresolved, remove and re-insert the ink cartridges and run the cleaning cycle for several times. If you follow the above mentioned tips to clean the printhead of your printer, issue will be resolved with How to clean Epson printer head guidelines.

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