How to clean canon printhead

How to Clean Canon Printhead

To clean the canon printhead, use a swab. The procedure for cleaning the printhead is explained in detail on the user guide. Follow the steps below and try to troubleshoot to rectify the issue of how to clean canon printhead.

Simple Steps in Cleaning the Canon Printhead

  1. Open the printer driver setup window.
  2. Click Cleaning on the Maintenance tab.
  3. Choose the link group for which cleaning is to be performed, when the Print Head Cleaning dialog box opens.
  4. Select Initial Check Items to display the items you need to check before cleaning.
  5. Ensure that the machine is ON and then select Execute and the print head cleaning starts.
  6. Complete cleaning and the Nozzle Check dialog box opens after the confirmation message.
  7. Select Print Check Pattern to check if the print quality has improved.
  8. Clean it once more, if cleaning the head once does not solve the print head problem.
How to clean canon printhead

Steps for Cleaning the Canon Printhead

Traverse to the printer’s Properties menu, then choose the Maintenance tab. Select the Cleaning option and follow the how to clean canon printhead instructions to clean the appropriate Ink Group.

This step needs to be executed several times before improvement will be viewed. Choose the Deep Cleaning option if Cleaning doesn’t correct the issue. Click the appropriate Ink Group and follow the instructions given to execute the deep cleaning operation.

Like Cleaning, the Deep Cleaning needs to be executed several times before improvement will be seen. If Cleaning and Deep Cleaning doesn’t satisfactorily clear the printhead, remove the printhead and clean it manually using how to clean canon printhead guide.

Raise the print cover to move the print cartridge to the center position. Tap the tab on each cartridge and then lift to eliminate the cartridge.Raise the lock to release the printhead and raise the printhead out of the hold. Wash the printhead safely using hot water.

Remove the ink and paper residue if it is stuck at the bottom of the head that clogs the holes and slits. Wash until the water runs clean. Eliminate the two screws from the ceramic plate below the printhead. Ease the ceramic plate away from the body of the printhead with gentle pressure.

Run hot water behind the plate. Remove any buildup behind the plate. Wash until you do not find dust on the printhead. Reassemble the printhead and then reinsert it into the hold.

Lower the locking lever until it fits into place and then reinstall the ink cartridges. Close the printer cover and then execute any alignment adjustments recommended in the printer’s operator manual, which will guide you on how to clean canon printhead.

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