how to change shutter speed on canon

How to Change Shutter Speed on Canon

The shutter speed in Canon cameras is used for controlling the movement of the subject in the images. The amount of light can be adjusted using the shutter speed. You can set the shutter speed to a higher or lower value by following the how to change shutter speed on canon guide.

Steps on How to Change the Shutter Speed on Canon

  1. Turn On your Canon camera by pressing the Power button.
  2. Ascertain to set the mode dial to the Tv option.
  3. Set the shutter speed by turning the() ring.
  4. Adjust the aperture values to avoid exposure issues.
  5. Force press the Power button to turn On your camera.
  6. Make sure to set the mode dial to operate in the Av feature.
  7. Set the aperture value by rotating the () ring.
  8. Capture a photo to check if the values are set correctly.
How To how to change shutter speed on canon

Solutions to Alter the Shutter Speed on Canon Cameras

The time the image sensor takes to view the scene you are trying to capture is called as shutter speed. Let us see how to change the shutter speed on canon by following the instructions, it can be altered using the advanced exposure modes. Put the mode dial on Tv option. Ascertain that the white lines on your Canon camera correspond to the letters Tv.

Turn the wheel on your camera. You can try to set the shutter speed from 1/4000th of a second to 30 seconds. When the wheel is turned, the value changes, this indicates an alteration in the shutter speed. If you want to use a faster shutter speed, make sure to have enough lightning effect.

To alter the aperture value on your Canon camera, click the Av mode. The minimum and maximum values of aperture vary based upon the lens used in your camera. Press the Shutter button on your camera to view the current exposure settings. The exposure meter starts to move, the shutter and aperture get displayed in the View Finder menu.

The Manual exposure mode enables the user to check if the current settings can expose on the picture properly. The technique you perform to modify the settings varies depending upon the exposure mode. Tv mode: To alter the shutter speed, rotate the Main dial. The camera changes the aperture to obtain the correct exposure value.

Programmed auto exposure or P mode: The recommended aperture and shutter value get displayed on the camera. To choose a different combination, turn the Main dial. The changes you make in the shutter value is applicable only to the current shot. M or Manual Exposure mode: Select the Aperture option and rotate the Main dial to alter the shutter speed.

B or Bulb exposure mode: Turn the Main dial to set the f-stop option. The shutter speed is controlled using the Shutter button. The Quick Control screen can be used to modify the settings in all the modes except in the P or Programmed Auto Exposure mode.

Tap the f-stop or Shutter Speed option, a window opens at the bottom of your screen. Place your fingers along the scale or touch the arrow buttons to alter the setting. Press the Set button or Return arrow to complete the process on how to change the shutter speed on canon.

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