how to change ink in canon printer

How to Change Ink in Canon Printer

How to change ink in Canon printer is explained in the forthcoming topics. Ink cartridges are replaced when the ink in the cartridges goes below the low ink level or empty. An error message displays on the control panel of the printer to replace the cartridge.

Quick Procedure to Replace the Ink Cartridge in Canon Printer

  1. Ensure the Canon printer is turned on. Open the paper output tray.
  2. Lift the scanning door at the top of the printer.
  3. Wait until the Fine cartridge holder slides to the replacement position.
  4. Take the empty ink cartridge out.
  5. Unpack a new ink cartridge and peel off the protective tapes.
  6. Insert the cartridge into the holder and Close its cover.
  7. Ensure the cartridge cover is locked properly.
  8. Close the scanning lid and complete the replacement process.
how to change ink in canon printer

Brief Description to Replace the Cartridge in Canon Printer

The replacement of ink cartridges can be made when an error message displays on the control panel of the printer or computer’s display. The message occurs when the ink in the cartridges goes below the low ink level or any issues with it, you have to clear it before work on How to change ink in canon printer.

You can check the ink level before starting the replacement process. The level is checked using the control panel of your Canon printer or driver software in your computer or laptop. The new cartridges can be purchased from the manufacturer store. Carry out the following guidelines to replace the cartridge after purchasing.

Power on the Canon printer if it is turned off. Raise the paper output tray of the printer. Open the scanner lid located at the top. Now the cartridge holder moves to its position. Wait until the cartridge settles. Never touch the cartridge while moving.

Lift the locking cover of the ink cartridge. Remove the cartridge which you want to replace. Handle the old cartridges with care to get rid of strains. Keep the old cartridges aside for recycling. Take a new ink cartridge and remove its package and peel off the orange tapes on it.

Do not shake the cartridge as it spills out and produces strains. Never paste the protective tape back after removing it. Make sure of not touching the electrical contacts or printhead nozzles on the cartridge. Insert the new ink cartridge into its relevant holder. Install the color cartridge at the slot located at the left and black into the right.

Close the cover of the cartridge and lock it. Push the cartridge door downwards until it clicks. After closing, make sure the cartridges are properly locked. Ensure both the cartridges are installed. Slightly lift the scanning lid to set its original position. Close the scanning door by holding it firmly.

After replacing the ink cartridges, the Canon printer starts to clean the printhead automatically. Never do any print job until the Canon printer completes cleaning the printhead. If the printhead is misaligned, adjust its position. For more information regarding How to change ink in canon printer, go through the guidelines provided in the manual of the Canon printer.

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