how to change lexmark x5650 ink cartridges

How To Change Lexmark X5650 Ink Cartridges

To change the Lexmark x5650 printer ink cartridge, all you need is to purchase a new cartridge online. The old cartridge must be replaced with a new one. Unbox the new ink cartridge and return the old one to the manufacturer for recycling. Perform the installation carefully, if you face any difficulties during the process, contact the customer support team via the manufacturer’s site. Follow the guided instructions given below on how to change Lexmark x5650 ink cartridges.

Eight Simple Steps To Change The Lexmark X5650 Ink Cartridge

  1. Switch the Lexmark printer on and raise the top cover of it.
  2. Wear a pair of gloves so that you can avoid ink getting on your hands.
  3. Press the carrier latch to release the black or color cartridge. Press the carrier latch to replace both the cartridge.
  4. Open the new Lexmark cartridge from the package.
  5. Remove all the packing material from the new cartridge.
  6. Place the new cartridges in their respective place. Place the black cartridge on the left side of the carrier or color cartridge on the right.
  7. Close the cartridge carrier lid and the door.
  8. Do a test print and check the quality.
how to change lexmark x5650 ink cartridges

Learn In Detail About How To Change The Lexmark X5650 Ink Cartridge

Step 1: The ink cartridges will last for more than six months if you have not removed the protective tape from it. The issue occurs on the ink cartridge if they are misused, placed in an incorrect slot, and damage in the carrier cartridge.

Step 2: You can replace or recycle the ink cartridge to resolve this issue. Replacing the ink cartridge is recommended. If you reuse the damaged ink cartridge, it is not sure how long the printer can perform printing.

Step 3: The common problems that occur after placing the recycled ink cartridge are cartridge malfunction or ink leakage. To replace the old ink cartridge with the new one on the Lexmark x5650 printer, go with the instructions given below.

Step 4: Open the printer top cover and you will view the instructions inside the printer on how to change Lexmark x5650 ink cartridges. Press the cartridge release tab to remove the cartridge from the printer. Remove the used ink cartridges from the printer.

Step 5: Remove the tape from the rear and bottom of the cartridge. Insert the color cartridge in the right side of the carrier and the black one in the left. Handle the ink cartridges carefully. Place the cartridges in the carrier properly.

Step 6: Don’t press the cartridge while inserting it. If you give extra pressure, there is a chance of the cartridge to get damaged. If the cartridge is not placed correctly, then change it. Purchase the cartridge that matches your printer model from the office store.

Step 7: Place the ink cartridge correctly. Do not to touch the gold contacts on the back or the metal nozzle on the bottom of the cartridge. Close the carrier lid and the printer’s top cover. To remove the used printer ink cartridge, go with the instructions given here on how to change Lexmark x5650 ink cartridges.

Step 8: Make sure that the printer is on. If not, press the Power button to turn it on. Lift the scanner lid and check if the printer carriage moves to the center. If not, then it indicates that the printer is busy.

Step 9: Now press the carrier latch to raise the cartridge carrier lid and take out the used cartridge from the printer. Do the same for removing another cartridge.

Step 10: If the cartridge issue does not get cleared by changing the ink cartridge, then the problem is with the printer hardware. If the firmware is out of the date, then update it. The firmware update can resolve the ink cartridge issue. For more help on how to change Lexmark x5650 ink cartridges, connect with us now.

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