how to change ink in epson printer

How To Change Ink In Epson Printer

Purchase a new set of black and tricolor ink cartridges from the manufacturer. Remove the empty ink cartridges from the ink slots and send them for recycling. Put the new ink cartridges into the respective slots and start printing and find solution for how to change ink in epson printer.

Quick Steps To Replace The Ink Cartridges On Epson Printer

  1. Link your Epson printer to a power source and turn it on.
  2. Open the front access hatch or the ink cartridge access door.
  3. Take the newly purchased cartridges out of their package.
  4. Remove the yellow-colored from both the cartridges.
  5. Do not touch the green-colored chip on the cartridge.
  6. Hold the cartridges on their sides and lift them.
  7. Insert them into their ink slots without touching the printheads.
  8. Close the access door and print a test page to check the ink flow.
How to change ink in epson printer

How To Replace The Ink Cartridge On Your Epson Printer?

Before replacing the ink cartridges on your Epson printer, check the ink level of each cartridge. When the ink is low, the ink light on the printer’s access panel flashes in orange color. If a cartridge is completely empty, then the light becomes stable. Check the ink level using a utility tool by following how to change ink in epson printer guide.

Purchase a set of ink cartridges from a trusted seller. Power on your Epson printer and lift the scanner lid. Ensure that the printhead and the roller is in the visible area. Wait for a while and the printhead turns idle. Make sure not to touch the printhead or the white-colored ribbon.

On the printer’s access panel, press the button with the reversed triangle symbol on it. The ink level of the black ink cartridge appears on the printer’s screen. Press the button again to check the levels of other cartridges. Use the Epson Status Monitor to check the ink levels on your computer.

Take the package containing the new ink cartridges and shake it for a few seconds. Remove the cartridges from the package and place them on a flat surface. Pull the yellow-colored tab from the cartridge. Do not remove any other pieces from the cartridge and do not touch the green-colored chip.

Push the old ink cartridges downward and remove them from the ink slots. Pack the old cartridges and send the package to the manufacturer for recycling. Also, remove the plastic tab from the ink slot’s rear. Hold the new black ink cartridge by its sides and insert it into the black ink slot.

Redo the same method for inserting the tricolor ink cartridge. Push it down until it locks in its position. Close the access door and press the Stop button on the control panel. This initiates the 2 to 5 minute process of charging the ink. The power light starts to flash. Do no turn or unplug the printer.

Once the power light stops, the installation completes. Load a blank paper into the input tray and print a test report to check the ink flow and printhead alignment and resolves the query of how to change ink in epson printer.

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