how to change ink on canon pixma

How to Change Ink on Canon Pixma

To replace old ink cartridge with a new one, follow the procedures given on the user manual. Dial our toll-free number for any assistance on How to change ink on Canon Pixma in troubleshooting.

Quick Steps to Change Ink on Canon Pixma

  1. Locate the Power button on the printer and press it.
  2. Open the scanner lid and cartridge access door.
  3. Lift the lid and gently push the lid back.
  4. Pull the cartridge to remove from the slot.
  5. Hold the cartridge at an angle facing towards the rear of the printer.
  6. Place the cartridge into the slot.
  7. Close the lid on the cartridge slot.
  8. Close the cartridge access door and the scanner lid.
how to change ink on canon pixma

Elaborate Steps for Changing Ink on Canon Pixma

Locate the power button on the printer and press it. Open the front cover. Release the paper output tray. Open the operation panel and the printhead holder moves back to the actual position. Do not hold the printhead holder to stop it, when you work on how to change ink on canon pixma.

Avoid touching the printhead holder until it stops completely. When opening the operation panel, do not touch the buttons and LCD on the operation panel. It might impact your running operation. Avoid handling the metallic parts or other parts inside the machine. Close and reopen the operational panel.

Remove the old ink cartridge. Lift the ink cartridge lid to remove. Do not touch other parts on the back of the ink cartridges. Handle the ink cartridge carefully to avoid staining of clothes. Discard the empty ink cartridge carefully.

Prepare a new ink cartridge. Take a new ink cartridge out of its package. Remove the orange tape and remove the protective film. If the orange tape remains on the Y shape air hole, the ink may splash or the machine may not print properly. Do not drop excessive pressure on it.

Hold the ink cartridge’s orange protective cap pointing up while being careful not to block the Y-shaped air hole. Lift up the orange tab to remove it off gently. Do not push the sides of the ink cartridge or ink may spill.

Insert the front end of the ink cartridge into the print head. Ensure that the position of the ink cartridge matches with the label. Press on the top of the ink cartridge until the cartridge firmly holds into place. You cannot print in the ink cartridge installed in the wrong position. Close the operation panel.

If you remove the ink cartridge, replace it immediately. You should not leave the machine with the ink tank removed. Use a new ink cartridge for replacement. This will cause the ink cartridge to dry out and the machine may not work properly when it is reinstalled on the process of How to change ink on Canon Pixma.

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