how to change ink cartridge epson wf 2650

How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson WF 2650

Changing the ink cartridge of the Epson workforce 2650 is essential. Monitor the ink level of the printer periodically and replace the cartridges. Have your replacement cartridges ready before starting the cartridge replacement. You need to get cartridges that are compatible with the Epson wf 2650. Installing incompatible ink cartridges can result in printer malfunction in the long run. Follow guide for how to change ink cartridge epson wf 2650 printer.

Steps To Perform The Cartridge Replacement In Epson WF 2650

  1. The printer needs to be powered on before you start the printer setup process.
  2. Look for the gap at the sides of the printer and place your finger in the gap.
  3. Now pull the component to open the cartridge access door.
  4. Wait until the carriage moves to the replacement position.
  5. Push the old cartridge to unlock it and pull it out gently.
  6. Now remove the packing that covers the new cartridge.
  7. Peel the tape that covers the ink nozzle.
  8. Check if the color of the slot matches with the color of the cartridge and place it inside.
how to change ink cartridge epson wf 2650

Detailed Solution To Replace The Ink Cartridge In Epson WF2650 Printer

For how to change ink cartridge Epson wf 2650, you will be notified if the cartridge gets empty. Just look for the message in the display panel of the printer for a low cartridge warning. Check which cartridge needs to be replaced, select Ok and then press the Up arrow. However, if you happen to replace the cartridge before a warning message displays, press Setup -> OK on the display panel. Now, tap Maintenance -> Ink Cartridges Replacement and push one of the Start buttons.

Do not remove the cartridges unless you find the need to replace them as this can lead to dried printheads. That is why new cartridges are vacuum packed in order to maintain reliability.

The printer needs to remain turned on through the Epson wf 2650 replacement process. Lift the scanner assembly and make sure not to touch the white cable inside the printer and never to do it when the document cover is open. Wait for the carriage to stop moving.

Look for the tab on the cartridge and push it gently to unlock the cartridge. Lift the component and dispose of the old cartridge and do not refill it for future use. If ink spills on your skin, make sure to clean the area with soap and water and follow the guidelines of how to change ink cartridge Epson wf 2650.

Tear the package that covers the new cartridge and shakes it gently. Now remove only the yellow tape on the cartridge and insert it into the slot such that the contacts face down and push it until a click sound is heard. Push the Color button on the control panel to ensure that the cartridges are installed properly. Shut the scanner unit and close the cartridge cover.

The Epson workforce 2650 printer takes a few minutes for the cartridges to align. A completion message appears on the display panel to confirm the cartridge replacement process. You can also print an alignment page to confirm the installation.

While performing this process, make sure to cover the ink supply area so that dirt or debris does not settle there. Store cartridges such that the label faces upward and never store the cartridges upside down as it could lead to ink leakage. Use compatible cartridges for your Epson printer as non-compatible ones will lead to a printer malfunction and finish the procedure for how to change ink cartridge Epson wf 2650.

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