How to change Epson ink

How to Change Epson Ink

Change your Epson Printer ink cartridges by the following “How to change Epson ink” steps. Turn on your Epson printer and select on the Ink Cartridge Replacement option. Wait a moment for the cartridge carrier move to center. Gently remove the cartridge you need to replace and install the new cartridge.

Replacing Ink Cartridges in a Epson Printer

  1. Turn on your printer and tap on the Home button in the LCD screen.
  2. Select the Setup option that looks like a set of tools.
  3. Select the Maintenance option from the Setup menu and touch the Ink Cartridge Replacement option.
  4. Open up the Printer’s cartridge access area.
  5. Wait for the Cartridge carrier move to center.
  6. Remove the cartridge you want to replace by pulling it up.
  7. Remove the yellow tape and insert in appropriate slot, you will be heard a click sound.
  8. Message will be pop up on the LCD screen when replacement completes.
how to change epson ink

Process of Replacing a Ink Cartridge in an Epson Printer

Before you start to replace the ink cartridges by using the guide on how to change Epson ink, it is important that you should have the Replacement Cartridges on hand before you remove the empty one. Leaving your print head exposed to open air may lead to clogs that are difficult to clean which may also result in the replacement.

Turn on you Epson printer. Already if you have empty cartridges, you will see a message on your screen notifies which cartridge needs replacement. Tap Proceed option to replace the ink cartridges. Press the House icon then swipe and select the Setup and OK option. Tap on the Maintenance option and the Ink Cartridge Replacement option.

Lift up the Scanner unit (the whole scanner unit), to expose the Ink cartridges. Wait a moment for printhead to stop before taking out the cartridges. Do not touch the printhead and the flat white cable inside the printer.

Pull the cartridge straight up towards you. It slides out easily and be careful when you handle the spent cartridge because the ink residue can stain your clothing, hands or furniture. If you get ink on your hands wash it with soap or water. If the ink gets into your eyes wash it with cool water until cleaned.

Shake your replacement cartridge up and down four or five times while it is in the sealed wrapper because it helps to redistribute the ink throughout the cartridge if it gets settled. Remove it from the plastic pack and then remove the yellow tape wrapper from the cartridge. Do not remove any other seals from the cartridge and do not even touch the green chip on the cartridge and do not remove the label.

Insert the cartridge straight down into the carriage until you hear a click sound. Repeat the whole process in case of replacement of any other cartridges.Close the cartridge cover. Select Check option on the LCD screen to make sure that the cartridge is installed correctly. If you found that you had done right close the scanner lid.

Your Epson printer will start priming the new cartridge automatically. Priming might take a few minutes of time. Once the process gets completed, you will get a message on your printer’s screen saying that your printer is ready to print. That shows you have successfully worked on How to change Epson ink

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