How to add Canon printer to Mac

How to Add Canon Printer to Mac

Canon printers can be connected to your devices over wired or wireless network. A driver has to be installed on your computer/laptop to access the printer. The driver that you install should be updated, secure and compatible with your operating system. You can install the driver directly from the installation CD or operating system, or you can get the driver by clicking the link given below and correctly perform how to add canon printer to mac.

Installing Canon Printer on Mac

  1. Unpack the printer and clear all the packaging material from it.
  2. Remove any safety material from the trays, scanner unit, and cartridge access area.
  3. Connect the printer to a wall outlet using the power cord.
  4. Place enough paper in the input tray, and load ink cartridges.
  5. Install ink cartridges into the printer.
  6. Install the latest printer driver on your computer using the installation CD.
  7. Alternately, you can download the driver or perform an automatic driver installation using the System Preferences window.
  8. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  9. Call us at the contact number for further assistance in installing the printer.
how to add canon printer to mac

Descriptive Instructions for Installing Canon Printer on Mac

Unpack the printer and its accessories. Clear all the packaging material from inside the input tray. Enable power supply to the printer, power up your Canon printer and wait until the initialization process is complete, which will helps on how to add canon printer to mac.

Open the printer’s cartridge access door and then insert the cartridges into the corresponding empty slots. Close the access door. The hardware setup is now complete.

The next step is installing the printer driver, which can be done in many ways: using the installation CD, downloading from a site or the operating system. To install the printer driver from the using the CD, insert the setup disc into the computer’s hard drive and then run the setup files to complete the installation. If the driver on the disc is incompatible with your operating system, download the driver from our site.

Click the Download link and wait until the files get downloaded. Save the file to a storage location on your computer and run it. Select a connection type when prompted by the installer, and connect the printer to your computer when you receive a prompt asking you to do the same. Keep following the prompts until the driver is installed for how to add canon printer to mac.

If you want to install the driver automatically from the Mac operating system, connect the printer to your system using a USB cable or a wireless network. Click the Apple icon on your Mac computer and click System Preferences. Select the Printers and Scanners option on the System Preferences window.

Check if the printer’s name is listed under the Printers list. If the printer’s status is displayed as ‘Idle’, it indicates that your Mac can detect the printer, but the printer is not in use. If the printer’s name is not listed, click the ‘+’ icon displayed at the bottom of the screen to add the printer to the list. Set the printer as the default printing source by selecting the ‘Default’ tab in the Add window.

Once the printer’s name appears, click on it. You can see the details of the printer being automatically included beside the printer. Your Mac will now automatically select the driver for your printer and displays the driver name. Click the Add button to finish the installation and how to add canon printer to mac.

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