How To Access Printer EWS

How To Access EWS On HP Printer – Simple Solutions

How To Access EWS On HP Printer

You can find the answer here if you are looking for “How To Access EWS On HP Printer?” The procedure is simple; you are just going to note down your printer’s IP address and reach the EWS page. If you are unsure about the procedure, continue reading this web page. Here, we will show you the exact steps for accessing your printer’s EWS page in detail. For reference, let’s consider HP printers here so that you can get a clear idea about the steps.There are a few methods to find your printer’s IP address and then access its EWS page. In this article, we’ll show you how to get your printer’s IP address and access its EWS page via a local network connection.

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Access Your Printer’s Ews Page Through A Local Network Connection

In case you have connected your HP printer to a local network connection, find your printer’s IP address and type it into the URL field of your web browser to access the EWS page. Here are the detailed instructions.

Find Your Printer’s IP Address

  • Ensure that your HP printer and computer are connected to the same network.
  • On your printer’s touchscreen, navigate to the Wireless Summary or Network Settings section.
  • How To Access Printer Ews
  • When it shows you the network credentials, make a note of the IP address.
  • However, you need to find the IP address for some printers by printing a network configuration report.
  • If you have an Inkjet printer without a touchscreen, press the Wireless and Information buttons simultaneously. Or press the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons together.
  • For LaserJet printers, you need to press and hold the Wireless button until the Ready light starts blinking. Then, go to the Wireless menu and choose the Wireless Network Test option. This report will show your printer’s IP address.
  • If you cannot find the right procedure for your printer model, refer to its manual and find out how to print the network configuration page. Then, pen down the IP address to access the EWS page.

Access Your Printer’s EWS Page

  • Open your browser, type the IP address into the URL field, and press Enter.
  • If a website security certificate pops up, click Continue to reach the printer’s EWS page.
  • In case a login window appears, type “admin” in the Username field and your printer’s PIN in the Password field. You can find your printer’s password on its back.
  • Now, your printer’s home page opens.


Therefore, this is the procedure for how to access ews on HP printer from your local network connection. If you are still not sure about the procedure, reach our technical experts for real-time assistance. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Get in touch with us just by utilizing the call option we have provided on this page.

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