how do i get my brother printer back online

How do i Get my Brother Printer Back Online

The Brother printer offline issue can occur because of various conditions. This error usually occurs if there are any problems with the network and power connections. It can also happen if the driver is incompatible with the OS version used in your computer, then it brings the answer for how do i get my brother printer back online.

Common Steps to Resolve the Brother Printer Offline Issue

  1. Make sure your Brother printer is not in Sleep or Inactive mode.
  2. Ensure the power cord is plugged to a working wall outlet.
  3. Verify if any error message appears on the printer’s LCD screen.
  4. Troubleshoot the error that displays on the printer’s panel.
  5. Check if the USB cable is connected properly.
  6. Ensure your Internet is functioning correctly.
  7. Print a network configuration page and confirm the IP address of your printer.
  8. Set your Brother printer as the default.
how do i get my brother printer back online

Instructions on how to Get Brother Printer Back Online

Switch On your Brother printer by force pressing the Power button. Make sure the device is not in the inactive mode. Make sure to connect your Brother printer to a working socket. Check if the power switches are turned On. Look for error messages on the control panel of your Brother printer, and ask yourself how do i get my brother printer back online.

If you are use a USB cable, ensure it is connected to both the printer and the computer. If the Brother printer is linked to the system using an Ethernet cable, ensure it is properly connected to the wireless access point. Print a Network Configuration page and verify the IP address of your Brother printer.

Open the Control Panel on your desktop and select the Hardware and Sound option. For Windows 7, right-click on the icon of your Brother printer and choose the Set as Default Printer option. For the other version of Windows devices, right-click on the folder name of the Brother printer and click See What’s Printing.

Choose Printer and select the Cancel All Documents option, if this option is grayed out, choose Open as Administrator. Type the administrator password and select the Yes button. If a wireless connection is used, make sure the printer, computer, and the router are placed close to each other to attain the maximum signal strength.

The Brother printer cannot connect if the computer is in Airplane mode. Disable the Airplane mode on your system and try linking it to the printer. Carry out a test report to check if the problem has been fixed.

Make sure to associate your Brother printer and Windows or Mac to the same wireless network. The offline problem can occur if the printer software is corrupted or damaged. Uninstall the printer driver, move to the installed printers on your computer. Windows 8: Click the Start option that is available on the bottom left corner of your desktop.

Select the Open Control Panel option and choose View Devices and Printers. Windows 7 & Windows Vista: Select the Windows icon on your system and click Devices and Printers. Right-click on your Brother printer and choose Remove Device. Reinstall the latest driver from this site and confirm if the problem “how do i get my brother printer back online” has been rectified.

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