how do i connect my laptop to my lexmark printer

How Do I Connect My Laptop To My Lexmark Printer

How do I connect my Laptop to my Lexmark printer: The Lexmark printer can be connected to various devices. The Lexmark printers can be connected to a Gateway laptop and Mac system as well. Given below are the simple steps which explain the ways to connect a printer to the laptop.

Quick Steps To Connect The Lexmark Printers To Other Devices

  1. To connect the printer to other devices, first, unpack the printer.
  2. Remove all the packing materials from the printer interior and exterior.
  3. Turn on the printer by connecting it to a power outlet.
  4. Load the input tray with some appropriate paper.
  5. Fill or replace the empty ink cartridges.
  6. Set the printer’s control panel settings as per your preferences.
  7. The printer is now all set to connect to other devices.
how do i connect my laptop to my lexmark printer

The Elaborate Steps To Connect The Lexmark Printer To My Laptop

Step 1: For connecting the Lexmark printer to a Gateway laptop, follow the preceding steps for How do I connect my Laptop to my Lexmark printer. First, close all the running applications on your Gateway laptop. The application may interfere if kept open while connecting the printer to the laptop.

Step 2: Insert the printer’s power cord to a wall outlet, and press the Power button to turn on the printer. Now, insert the installation CD into the laptop’s CD drive which came with the printer.

Step 3: The Installation page appears on the laptop screen. If the page fails to appear, click the option Windows-> Computer and double-click the CD’s icon to start the installation process.

Step 4: Go through the information on the Welcome screen for installation, and then click the option Install to proceed with the installation. Follow the procedure on the screen to install the drivers of the printer to your laptop.

Step 5: When you are prompted by the installation wizard, connect the printer to the laptop with a USB cable. After connecting, the Wizard will guide you with the rest of the setup procedure. Exit the Wizard page only when you receive a confirmation message on the screen telling the installation process was successful.

Step 6: To connect the Lexmark printer to a Mac OS X Lion, follow the below steps of How do I connect my Laptop to my Lexmark printer. The Lexmark printers drivers can be downloaded from the Apple Utility Store. On your Mac system, click the Apple icon from the menu bar. Select the option Software Update.

Step 7: The utility will immediately check the Apple servers for the updated software and also Lexmark Printer Driver updates if available. In the Software update list, choose Lexmark Printer Drivers and click the option Install. The drivers will be immediately downloaded on the Mac system. Once downloaded, the driver package will be installed on the Mac system.

Step 8: For connecting the Lexmark printer to your computer, follow the preceding steps. Connect a USB cable to the Lexmark printer and the computer. Check whether there is an adequate power supply for the printer and computer.

Step 9: Now insert the printer’s CD which came with the printer into the computer’s CD drive. Follow the set of instructions on the computer screen for How do I connect my Laptop to my Lexmark printer.

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