how do i connect my computer to my lexmark printer

How Do I Connect My Computer To My Lexmark Printer

Connecting a Lexmark printer to a computer is very easy if you follow the steps given below. By following this procedure, you can link the computer to the printer via a wired or wireless connection. To associate them, you have to install the necessary drivers on the computer. Once you specify the model number of the printer and the OS version of the system, you will be able to download the correct driver for your computer. During the installation process, you can choose the type of connection and establish it and resolve the query of how do I connect my computer to my Lexmark printer.

Quick Steps On How To Connect A Lexmark Printer To A Computer

  1. Place the installation CD in the drive and close it.
  2. Select the Install option in the Setup screen to begin the process.
  3. Agree to License Agreement after reading it completely and click Continue button in the Security Notification screen.
  4. Tap Yes or No in the hardware Setup window based on your choice.
  5. Choose the Connection type in the next screen and follow the prompts to establish a connection.
  6. Configure other features such as Scan, Fax, and Email.
  7. Print a Sample page to ensure that you have connected your printer and computer properly.
how do i connect my computer to my lexmark printer

Detailed Steps On How To Connect A Lexmark Printer To A Computer

  • The initial step for how do I connect my computer to my Lexmark printer is to insert the CD into the computer’s drive and close it. In the AutoPlay screen that appears, tap the Setup.exe file to install it.
  • If the screen does not appear, then you can go to the Start button and choose Computer. Open the drive in which the driver file is present. Run the Setup.exe file.
  • In the succeeding screen, you have to select the Install Type as Install or Extract and Install. If you choose the Install option, then the installation process will begin immediately. On selecting the Extract and Install option, the driver file will be stored in a directory of your choice and then the installation begins.
  • Click Continue button in the next screen and choose the necessary Administrator Privileges for the driver to be installed on your system.
  • Select the Install option in the proceeding window and then read the license Agreement. Follow them after you have read it thoroughly.
  • Choose the list of software that you want to install in the proceeding screen and then tap Continue.
  • Click the Yes or the No Thanks option in the Hardware Setup window. If you choose Yes, step by step instructions will be provided for unpacking your printer and connecting it to proceed the process of how do I connect my computer to my Lexmark printer. Selecting No will direct you to the Installation screen.
  • If you select the Yes option, then unpack the printer and remove all the packing materials.
  • Raise the paper support and the operation panel and then extend the paper exit tray. Align a few sheets of paper and place it on the tray. Adjust the paper width guides after doing so.
  • Attach the power cord between your printer and wall outlet. Turn on your Lexmark printer. Set the Language and Country when prompted.
  • Next, you should open the scanner unit and install the cartridges in the respective slots. Wait until the installation is over and choose the Connection Type as Wireless, Ethernet, or Local Connection.
  • Next, check the status of the current Wi-Fi indicator light and then tap the Continue option.
  • Associate the printer with the computer by using a connection of your choice. If a wireless connection is chosen, then select a network of your choice and enter the password.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the Lexmark printer and the computer if you want to associate it by using a wired connection.
  • Set any other advanced features such as Scan, Fax, or Email if you want to.
  • Tap the Print Sample Page or the Continue option to print a test page. Still you need more information regarding how do I connect my computer to my Lexmark printer, contact our technical team now.
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