fix hp printer drivers

Fix HP Printer Drivers Using Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes, to fix HP printer drivers can be fixed by updating the printer driver software, setting the printer as the default printer to avoid duplication, etc. The driver software establishes the connection between the printer & the computer and it is necessary to install the driver.

Quick Steps To Fix HP Printer Driver

  1. Search and open for Windows Update in case of Windows.
  2. Choose Check for updates and select the updates to install.
  3. Choose Install Updates to install only essential updates.
  4. Choose Optional Updates are available to select all available updates.
  5. Choose updates from the list on the Optional and Important tabs and select OK.
  6. Restart the computer after the updates get installed.
  7. Choose the Windows icon, select Devices, and printers.
  8. Right-click the HP Printer, select Set as Default Printer and a checkmark displays next to the HP printer.
fix hp printer drivers

Elaborate Steps To Fix HP Printer Driver

Step 1: Sometimes, to fix HP printer drivers problem may be because of updation of printer driver issue. So to update printer driver, search for and open Windows Update in Windows.

Step 2: Select Check for Updates and choose updates to install. HP recommends choosing both the Important and the Recommended updates.

Step 3: Important updates are essential to the health of the computer. To install only essential updates, select Install Updates.

Step 4: Optional upgrades are not required but are recommended. To choose from all available updates, select Optional Updates are available to fix HP printer drivers problem.

Step 5: Choose updates from the list on the Important and Optional tabs and then choose OK. After the update gets installed, restart the computer.

Step 6: Sometimes, Windows cannot manage the default printer when you have multiple printers connected or using network printers. ->So it is good to manually make a specific printer as a default device. This will help to print documents in the default printer. ->So, go to the Control Panel and change the view to large icons. The, search for Devices and Printers option.

Step 7: Choose any of the connected printer and select Set as Default Printer option. Choose OK to confirm it.

Step 8: Choose the Apple icon, select System Preferences and then choose Print & Fax.

Step 9: The Print and Fax window gets opened and select the drop down menu next to the Default Printer and then choose the HP device to resolve and fix HP printer drivers.

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