how to find brother printer ip address

How To Find Brother Printer IP Address

To know how to find brother printer IP address, you should go to the command prompt and it gives the set of information in the configuration page. The IP address of the printer is present in the configuration page.

To find brother printer IP address

  1. Choose Start -> All Apps -> Windows System and select Command Prompt.
  2. Enter ipconfig and tap Enter.
  3. Check if the IP address and subnet mask are present.
  4. Enter Exit and tap Enter to close the command prompt.
  5. Make sure that the addresses in both PC and printer are shown in the bold text should be same.
  6. Select Apple Menu and click System Preferences in case of Mac.
  7. Select Network -> Advanced.
  8. Select TCP\IP and check for the IP address.
how to find brother printer ip address

Steps to find brother printer IP address

Let see the brief instruction for how to find brother printer ip address, locate the power button of the printer and press it.

Find the name of your printer by checking with your network administrator.

Every printer on the network should have its unique name.

Switch on the computer select Start button and click Run from the menu.

Enter CMD in the box and choose OK.

Type Ping Printer name at the prompt and note the IP address that is returned.

Go to the printer if you do not have the network name available. ->Tap the Go button three times to print a configuration page.

This configuration page will list a set of information about the printer.

This gives the brother printer’s IP address in the configuration page. For more follow this guided instruction again for how to find brother printer ip address.

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