Epson Workforce Printer Troubleshooting

epson workforce printer troubleshooting

Epson Workforce Printer Troubleshooting

To fix the Epson Workforce Printer Troubleshooting issue, first, you need to identify the defects occurred in the printer. After identifying the error, perform the troubleshooting steps given in the user guide. First, try to fix the issue manually. If the manual troubleshooting method does not work, then get the technical expert to fix. Usually, the user guide contains the basic troubleshooting steps to be performed during the issue occurrence. The common issue that occurs in the Brother printer are paper jam, low or empty ink cartridge, and print head damage. To know more about how to fix the Epson Workforce Printer issue, follow the detailed steps given below.


  • Make use of the forthcoming instructions to solve issues that occur with your Epson printer.
  • Clear the paper jam error by removing the paper that is stuck inside the printer.
  • Modify the print settings to improve print quality.
  • Replace the ink cartridges of your Epson printer if the Ink Low message displays.
  • Clean the Epson printer’s printhead if the nozzles are clogged.
  • Set your Epson printer as the default printer if the print job assigned is not initiated.
  • Change the printing speed if you notice that the speed at which your documents are printed is slow.
  • Reload the papers after aligning them to avoid the paper jam error.
  • Reset the printer if the above-stated solutions do not resolve the issue.
  • Talk to our technical experts to obtain further assistance on these Epson Workforce Printer Troubleshooting problems.


  • Initially, switch off the computer and the Epson printer. You have to wait patiently for a few minutes and then turn them on. If you have connected via an Interface cable, check if the cable is plugged in firmly. Verify if the specifications of the interface cable and the printer match properly. Ensure that you do not use a printer switching device or extension cord to connect the computer and printer. Check if your Epson printer is set as the default printing source.
  • Next, if you have any issues related to speed, then you increase the print speed using the procedure stated here. Open the Making Advanced Setting screen on your system and choose the Automatic Mode option. Make use of the slider available to increase the print speed.
  • Ensure that you do not use many applications simultaneously. Delete the files that are not needed to make more space in the hard disk drive. Also, clear the print queue. It will increase the printing speed of your Epson printer.
  • Your printer will not print if the ink cartridges have low ink levels. You have to change the cartridges when the Low Ink message appears on the control panel of the Epson printer. Tap the Proceed option available on the control panel to initiate the ink cartridge replacement process. Raise the scanner unit of your Epson workforce printer. Make sure you do not make any contact with the white cable present inside the printer.
  • Open the cartridge cover by pressing the tab backward. Hold the tabs available on either side of the cartridge, squeeze it, and remove it by lifting it. Unpack the new cartridge from the package. Shake the cartridge a few times before you place it.
  • Peel off the yellow tape on the cartridge. Position the ink cartridge in the slot and push it downwards until you hear a click. Close the Epson printer’s cartridge cover. Tap the Check option displayed on the control panel to ensure that you have installed the cartridges properly.

    Sometimes, the printhead of your Epson may face issues. You have to clean or replace it to bring it back to the normal state. Clean it from your system or use the buttons available on the control panel.


    • Open the Head Cleaning Utility on your computer. Check if the Epson Workforce printer is turned on. The Ink light should not be lit. Go to the Utility tab and tap the Head Cleaning button. Follow the prompts displayed on your computer’s screen.
    • Next, the Power light and Ink light will flash when the cleaning procedure is carried out. Click on the Print Nozzle Check Pattern option available in the Head Cleaning dialog box once the Power lamp is lit. If the nozzle pattern that was printed is not satisfactory, then leave the printer overnight and perform the cleaning process the next day.


    • Ensure that Epson printer is turned on. Press the Ink icon for at least three seconds. The Power light and the Ink lamp will start flashing once the printhead cleaning process starts. Print the nozzle check pattern once the Power lamp is lit. If the quality is not good, then carry out the cleaning procedure again.


    • Switch off your Epson Workforce printer and pull open the roll paper cover. Push the paper lever to the release position. From the insertion slot, remove the roll paper by cutting paper. Discard the paper from the front side of the printer. Remove the jammed paper by opening the top cover if needed. Check other parts of the Epson Workforce Printer Troubleshooting to clear the paper jams quickly.

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