Epson Wf 4630 Printing Issues

Epson WF 4630 Printing Issues

Usually, when there is an issue with the printer connection, ink cartridge, print head, paper loaded in the printer, etc., you might not be able to print. The common Epson WF 4630 printing issues and their troubleshooting steps are discussed here.

Epson Wf 4630 Printing Issues

Simple Steps To Fix Epson WF 4630 Printing Issues

“Nothing prints” Epson Printing Issues

  1. Check if the Power LED on the Epson WF 4630 printer’s control panel is lit. If not, power up the printer.
  2. Ensure that the interface cable is securely connected between the printer and computer.
  3. You should not use a USB hub for the connection. Instead, you have to connect the printer directly to your computer using the USB cable.
  4. Try to print and check if the Epson WF 4630 printing issue has been resolved.
  5. Check if you can print a test page on the printer.
  6. For this, load a paper in the paper cassette. Select Setup-> Maintenance -> Print Head Nozzle Check. Press the Color button to run a product check.
  7. If the printer does not print a test page, there is a problem with the printer software.
  8. If needed, uninstall the existing printer software from your computer. Download the correct printer software from the official Epson page and then install it.
  1. Note:Make sure to download the most recent version of the printer driver.
  2. If you have installed multiple printers on your computer, set Epson WF 4630 as the default printer.
  3. Now, check if the Epson WF 4630 printing issue has been resolved.
  4. Clear the stalled print jobs by performing the following instructions depending on your compter’s OS.
  5. Windows 8.x– Navigate to Apps, select the Control Panel option, and click the Hardware and Sound option followed by the Devices and Printers Right-click your printer name and select the See what’s printing option. Right-click each stalled print job and click the Cancel option followed by the Yes option.
  6. Windows 7– Go to the Start menu and click the Devices and Printers Once you right-click the printer icon, click See what’s printing. Right-click the print job to delete it. Click Cancel -> Yes.
  7. Windows Vista– Access the Start menu and click the Control Panel Select Hardware and Sound -> Printer. Right-click the printer and select the Open option. Once you right-click the print job, select the Cancel option and click Yes.

This will resolve the Epson WF 4630 printing issue.

Product Icon Does Not Appear In Windows Taskbar

Product icon does not appear in Windows taskbar
  1. First, restart your computer and check if you see the printer icon onthe taskbar.
  2. If not, proceed further.
  3. Open the Devices and Printers screen on your Windows 7 computer.
  4. Locate the printer icon, right-click it, thenselect the Printing Preferences
  1. In the Maintenancetab, click the Extended Settings
  2. Select the Enable EPSON Status Monitor 3option and click the OK button followed by the Monitoring Preferences
  3. Select the checkbox next to the option that adds the printer shortcut icon.
  4. To exit the printer program, click the OK

Now, print from your computer without any printing issues.

Printing Is Slow

 Printing is slow
  1. Ensure that your computer meets the minimum OS requirements.
  2. If you try to print a high-resolution image, you might need more than the minimum requirements.
  3. In such a case, increase the memory of your system.
  4. If you are printing from a Windows 7 computer, close the Devices and Printersscreen and try printing again.
  5. Make sure to close the other programs running on the computer.
  6. If you connect the printer to your computer using a USB hub, remove it.
  7. If the printer is printing slower for a prolonged time, leave the printer torest for about 30 minutes.
  1. Print again and check if the Epson WF 4630 printing issue has been resolved.
  2. Check if the paper type setting in the printing softwarematches the paper you have loaded in the paper cassette.
  3. Enable the high speed settings in the printer program.
  4. Print usinga lower print quality setting.
  5. In the printer program, navigate to the Maintenance or Utility
  6. Select the Extended Settingsor Speed and Progress option and choose one of the following options : High Speed Copies, Always Spool RAW Datatype, Page Rendering Mode and Print as Bitmap.

If you have any doubts in resolving the Epson WF 4630 printing issues, contact our technical experts.

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