Epson Wf-3820 Wireless Setup

Epson Workforce Wf-3820 Wireless Setup

You can access your printer from any wireless device connected to your network, if the printer has been set up over the same wireless network. Carry out one of these methods to perform the Epson Workforce WF-3820 printer wireless setup.

Epson Workforce Wf-3820 Wireless Setup

Method 1 – Wireless setup from the printer’s control panel (using a wireless router)

You can set up your printer to communicate with your wireless device using a wireless router. The steps to select wireless network settings from the printer’s control panel are given below.

  1. Complete the initial hardware setup.
  2. Download the Epson WF-3820 printer software from the official Epson support page and install it.
  3. Press the Home button followed by the Wi-Fi icon on the printer’s control panel.
  4. On the Select Connect Method screen, choose the Wi-Fi (Recommended)
  5. Select the Start Setup or Change Settings
  6. Choose the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard option to continue with the Epson WF-3820 printer wireless setup.
  7. Search for your SSID from the available SSIDs and select it.
  8. Or else, select the Enter Manually option and type your network name using the displayed keypad.
  1. Use the displayed keypad to type your network key(password) in the Password
  2. Note:Both the SSID and network key are case sensitive. Make sure to enter the network details correctly.
  3. Press the OK
  4. To save the displayed wireless network information, select the Start Setup
  5. It is optional to print a network setup report. If you want to print it, select the Print Check Report
  6. If you do not need to print the network setup report, select the OK
  7. Once you press the Home button, check if you could see the Wi-Fi icon on the LCD screen. This ensures that you have finished the wireless setup on the Epson WF-3820 printer 

Method 2 – Wi-Fi Direct Mode (without using a wireless router)

Enable the Wi-Fi Direct mode to establish a connection between your printer and wireless device without using a wireless router. Here are the steps to enable Wi-Fi Direct on your Epson printer.


  1. Press the Wi-Fi icon on the printer’s control panel.
  2. Select Wi-Fi Direct-> Start Setup -> Start Setup.
  3. The Wi-Fi Direct Status screen shows network (SSID) and password. Make a note of these details.
  4. On your computer or wireless device, turn on Wi-Fi.
  5. Use the Wi-Fi Direct name and password to connect to the Epson printer.
Epson Workforce WF 3820 using Wi-Fi Direct Mode

Method 3 – Wireless setup using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

If your router has a WPS button, perform the following steps to connect the printer to a wireless network.

Wireless setup using Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  1. First, ensure there is a WPS button on your wireless router.
  2. If there is no hardware WPS button, your wireless router might have a virtual WPS button(on the router configuration page).
  3. Once you press the Wi-Fi icon on the printer, select the Wi-Fi (Recommended)
  4. Choose the Push Button Setup (WPS)
  5. Continue with the instructions on the LCD screen to finish the Epson workforce WF-3820 printer wireless setup.
  6. When the printer gets connected to the wireless network, you would see a confirmation message on the printer display.

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