Epson Wf 2630 Printing Issues

Epson WF 2630 Printing Issues

Epson WF 2630 Printing Issues

The Epson WF 2630 printer is quite an efficient printer that can produce high-quality prints. In addition to printing, this printer can also scan and fax. Even though Epson WF 2630 is used by many people all over the world, it comes with its own issues. Some users report that they face some problems while printing from this printer. On this page, we shall discuss the Epson WF 2630 printing issues and their solutions in detail.

Usually, you will encounter the following issues while printing from a Windows computer.

Common issues on Epson WF 2630 Printing

  1. The Printer icon fails to appear on the Windows taskbar
  2. Nothing prints
  1. Error occurs after cartridge replacement
  2. Slow printing

Printer icon fails to appear on the Windows taskbar

If you cannot see your printer icon on the Windows taskbar, the first step you have to take is to restart your computer. If this task fails to work, try the following steps to fix the issue. First, perform one of the following functions, depending on the Windows version you are using

For Windows 8.x

  1. Go to the Apps screen on your computer.
  2. Use the following path to get to the Devices and Printers window:   Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound ->  Devices and Printers.

For Windows Vista

  1. Click on the Start icon and select the Control Panel
  2. Go to Hardware and Sound and click on

    For Windows 7

    1. Click on the Start icon
    2. choose the Devices and Printers

For Windows XP

  1. Click on the Start icon and choose the Printers and Faxes
  2. Another way is to navigate to the Control Panel, select the Printers and Other Hardware option,and go to Printers and Faxes.

You can now continue with the following instructions.

  1. Right-click on your printer’s name and choose the Printing Preferences If required, select your printer’s name once again.
  2. Click the Maintenance tab
  3. Then click on the Monitoring Preferences
  1. Select the checkbox next to the option for adding the shortcut icon to your Windows taskbar.
  2. Finally, click on the OK
  3. You will now find that your Epson printer icon is displayed on the Windows taskbar.

Nothing prints:

If you have sent a print job, but nothing gets printed, try the troubleshooting techniques given here:

  1. Confirm that your printer is turned on. Then, ensure that the interface cables are properly connected at both ends.
  2. In case you have connected the printer to a USB hub, make sure that it is a first-tier hub.
  3. Now, if you find that the printer refuses to print, connect the printer directly to your computer to resolve this Epson WF 2630 printing issue.
  1. Run a product (printer) check to know if you can print a test page. In case you can print a test page successfully, check if the printer software is installed correctly.
  2. In case you are using a Windows computer, confirm that your printer has been chosen as the default one. If you find any stalled print jobs in the Windows Spooler, clear all of them now.
  3. By now, the printer should be able to print correctly.

Continue reading to find the troubleshooting steps for the other Epson WF 2630 printing issues.

Error occurring after cartridge replacement:

In case you see an error message or light after replacing an ink cartridge, execute the following instructions to fix it:

  1. Confirm that your print head is in the ink cartridge replacement position. If not, move it such that it is in the correct position.
  2. Try to remove and reinsert the replaced ink cartridge.
  1. While you do this task, ensure that you are pushing the cartridge properly into its slot.
  2. Once you have finished the ink cartridge installation steps, check if the error message or light appears. By now, the error be resolved.

Slow printing:

  1. First, check your system to ensure that it satisfies the requirements of the operating system you are using. If you are trying to print an image of high resolution, you need more than the minimum requirements. So, try increasing the system’s memory and check whether your printer is able to print fast.
  2. In case you are making use of a Windows 7 OS, close the Devices and Printers window before you begin the printing process.
  3. Try running a de-fragmentation utility to clear some of the existing space on your hard drive. This step will help you fix the current Epson WF 2630 printing issue.
  1. Close all the open programs (which you are not using) while you print.
  2. In case you have connected the printer to a USB hub, check if it is a first-tier hub. If it is and still the printing is slow, connect the printer directly to the computer (instead of the hub).
  3. If the printing has become slow after printing continuously for a prolonged period, allow the printer to rest. Permit it to rest for about 30 minutes with the power on.
  4. Try printing once again. Now, your Epson printer should be able to print fast.

By following the steps given on this page, you would have fixed quite a few Epson WF 2630 printing issues.

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