epson stylus printer troubleshooting

Epson Stylus Printer Troubleshooting

There may be various reasons for a single issue in the Epson Stylus printer. The process of correcting the faults that have occurred in the Epson Stylus printer is termed Epson stylus printer troubleshooting. The common issues that occur in a printer are offline, printing blank pages, paper jams, and more. On this site, we have given solutions for the problems encountered by the Epson Stylus printer. Follow the guidelines provided here to rectify the issue by yourself. Else, get your Epson Stylus serviced from an authorized retailer.

Simple Instructions For Rectifying Errors In The Epson Stylus Printer

  1. Power cycle your Epson Stylus printer for resolving the errors.
  2. Find the operation panel on the Epson Stylus printer; it is generally available on the top-right side.
  3. Locate the Pause/Reset, Reset, or Reset/Continue button on the touch panel and press it.
  4. Hold the button for at least thirty seconds to delete the print jobs.
  5. Press the On or Off button to turn Off the Epson Stylus printer if the Reset button is not present.
  6. Wait for at least two to three seconds.
  7. Power On the Epson Stylus printer.
  8. Try performing any print function such as printing or scanning.
  9. Update the Epson Stylus printer driver if the error remains unresolved.
epson stylus printer troubleshooting

Solutions For Clearing The Issues In The Epson Stylus Printer

The Epson Stylus printer does not power On: Switch Off the Epson Stylus printer by force pressing its Power button. Check if the power cable is firmly connected to the printer. Ensure that your socket works properly.

Verify if the supplied voltage to the Epson Stylus printer matches the rating voltage labeled on the device. Else, switch Off the Epson stylus printer troubleshooting and remove the power cable from its rear port. Wait for ten seconds, reconnect the cable, and then power On your Epson Stylus printer.

Epson Stylus printer prints nothing: Switch Off the Personal Computer and the Epson Stylus printer. Confirm that the printer’s interface cord is plugged properly into the appropriate port on your system. Be sure that the features of the cable match the specifications of your PC and Epson Stylus printer. Ensure that the interface cord is connected to your Personal Computer directly without any extension or protector. Set the Epson Stylus printer as the default printing source.

Windows: Select Start, then click Control Panel, and then choose the Printer and Other Hardware option. Select the Printers & Faxes button and right-click on the model of your Epson Stylus printer. Click on Set as Default Printer and then close the window.

Mac: Make sure you have added the appropriate driver of the Epson Stylus printer to the Printer Setup Utility software. Ensure that you have chosen the correct Epson stylus printer troubleshooting in the Printer Setup window.

Paper jams in the Epson Stylus printer: Turn Off your Epson Stylus printer. Check the carriage and trays. If required, raise the top cover and take the jammed sheets of paper out of the printer.

Gaps in the printed outputs: Ensure that the expiry date on your ink cartridge has not passed. You can locate the expiry date on the label that is attached to the cartridge.

Check the nozzles on your printhead: Confirm that enough sheets of A4 paper are kept into the auto sheet feeder of your Epson Stylus printer. Choose the Nozzle Check button. If you want to check if any nozzles are clogged, select the Print option.

To carry out an automatic nozzle check, click on the Auto button. Carry out the on-screen procedure for printing nozzle check pattern.

Clean the printhead: Ensure that your Epson Stylus printer is powered On and the Ink Status lamp is Off. Place a few sheets of white paper into the tray.

Choose the Head Cleaning option and do according to the on-screen steps. If you are a Mac user, select the Confirmation option on the Head Cleaning pop-up window to ensure that the printhead is clean. For a Windows computer, choose Print Nozzle Check Pattern on the Head Cleaning dialog box to confirm that the process is complete.

Epson Stylus printer offline: Press the Windows + R buttons on your keyboard to open the Run window. Type Control in the search field and then tap the Enter button. Choose Devices and Printers from the Large Icons dialog box. Right-click on the icon of your Epson Stylus printer and choose the See What’s Printing option. Select Printer to ensure there is no checkmark against the Use Printer Offline option. Click Printer and select the Set as Default Printer button. Exit the window and check if your Epson Stylus printer can print. Find more solution for Epson stylus printer troubleshooting from our technical experts now.

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