Epson Printer doesn’t print

Epson Printer Doesn’t Print

Various issues such as offline error, paper jam issue, cartridge errors, etc. may cause Epson Printer doesn’t print. The printer indicates the error by flashing the lights on the control panel. Detailed instructions for resolving the issue is given below.

Quick Guide for Resolving Printing Issues

  1. Power up your Epson printer and turn it off again.
  2. Make sure the outlet is functioning in case all the lights on the printer is off.
  3. Check if the printer’s interface cables plugged securely into it if you see only the Power light turned on.
  4. Check the inside of the printer and remove any jammed paper. If the error light is on and the power light is off, carry out the following steps.
  5. Locate and press the Maintenance button on the control panel.
  6. Remove the paper from the input tray.
  7. Power off the printer and remove any torn bits of paper or other objects from inside the printer.
  8. Make sure the vent on the back of the printer is clear.
epson printer doesn’t print

Detailed Instructions for Resolving Printing Issues

Check all the lights on the control panel for resolving Epson Printer doesn’t print issue. If all them are turned off, turn the printer on and turn it off again. Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into the printer. Try connecting any other device to the outlet to verify if it is functioning correctly.

If all the lights turn on and go off, power off the printer and unplug it immediately from the outlet. If the voltage doesn’t match, do not connect the printer to the outlet again. If only the printer’s power light is on, perform the steps below to fix Epson Printer doesn’t print.

Power off the printer and computer. Inspect the printer’s interface cable and make sure it is correctly plugged into it. Clear the packaging material, if any left out, from the inside and over the printer. Remove the interface cable and print an operation check page to verify whether the printer software and application are correctly installed.

The computer may not print large images if it is low on memory. So try printing a smaller image. If the image doesn’t print, uninstall the Epson Printer port. Click the Start menu on your Windows and open the Programs window.

Select the Epson printer and then click Epson Printer Port Uninstall. Keep following the prompts appearing on the screen until the ports are uninstalled.

Open the Spool Manager and then clear any queued print jobs. If the printer makes the printing noise but doesn’t print, run the Head Cleaning Utility on your Windows. If the Epson Printer doesn’t print issue remains unresolved, replace the ink cartridges by performing the steps below.

Lower the input printer’s tray and raise the top cover. Now, wait until the print head moves to the center of the printer. Remove the ink cartridges from the printer and replace the ones that are damaged or empty. If you see the Error light on and the power light off on the control panel, perform the steps given below.

Locate the maintenance button on the control panel and press it.

Power off the printer and remove any paper bits stuck inside the trays or cartridge access area. Check the vent on the printer’s rear and make sure no objects are blocking it. Service your printer if all the above steps didn’t help to fix Epson Printer doesn’t print issue.

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