Epson Et 1110 Not Printing

Solved: Epson Et 1110 Not Printing Issue

If your Epson ET-1110 printer is not printing or not responding to the print operation from your Windows 10 computer, continue reading this page. Here, you’ll get to know the causes and solutions to fix this problem.Note: The advanced troubleshooting solutions given on this page are workable only on the Windows 10 OS. Contact us if you need real-time technical assistance in fixing this print problem on your Mac computer. “The printer not printing or responding to the print operation” is not a new issue. It is faced by many users in their daily lives. If you’re facing this problem for the first time, perform the simple troubleshooting solutions given below. Before going into the troubleshooting process, let’s learn about the causes of this “not printing” issue.

Epson Et 1110 Not Printing

Causes Of Epson Et 1110 Print Issue

Basically, Epson ET-1110 will not print or respond to the print operation if:

  • It is turned off.
  • It is not connected to your computer.
  • The print settings are misconfigured.
  • Its drivers are not installed properly.
  • The Use Printer Offline option is enabled, etc.

Even if the print issue occurs due to so many reasons, you can fix it easily and quickly.

Epson Et 1110 Not Printing – Troubleshooting solutions

Initially, perform the simple solutions given below to fix the print problem. If the Epson ET-1110 printer is not printing even after performing the simple solutions, try the advanced troubleshooting methods to fix it.

Simple solutions

  • Restart your Epson printer.
  • Check to ensure that the USB cable (that you’re using) is connected securely at the ends.
  • Replace the USB cable if you’re using an incompatible or damaged one.
  • Connect the ET-1110 printer directly to your computer if you’re using a USB hub.
  • Ensure that the latest version of the printer driver is installed on your computer.

Advanced solutions

Perform these two advanced troubleshooting methods one by one. After performing one method, check if the printer is printing. If the Epson ET-1110 printer is not printing again, just execute the next method.

Setting the printer as the default machine

If you haven’t set up your Epson printer as the default machine, there is a chance for these kinds of problems to occur when performing the print operation from the computer. Check and set your printer as the default one by following the instructions given below.

  • Open the Devices and Printers screen on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Locate and right-click on your Epson ET-1110 printer.
  • Click on “Set as default printer” if there is no checkmark beside it.
  • Now, print a test document to check whether the “not printing” issue is fixed. If not, perform the next method.

Disable “Use Printer Offline” & “Pause Printing”

  • Check if the Use Printer Offline option is selected on your Windows computer.
  • If yes, deselect it.
  • Follow these instructions to check and deselect this option.
  • Select and right-click on your printer on the Devices and Printers screen.
  • Click Printer > Use Printer Offline. Deselect the checkbox next to this option, if it is already selected.
  • Similarly, if the Pause Printing option is selected, deselect it.

Contact us if the Epson ET-1110 printer not printing even after performing the above methods.

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