driver unavailable for windows 10

Driver unavailable for Windows 10

Sometimes ‘Printer Driver is Unavailable’ error may appear if the driver is outdated or incompatible with your operating system. At times, an outdated operating system may also cause the driver unavailable for windows 10 issue.

A quick guide for resolving the ‘Driver Unavailable’ error on Windows 10

  1. Click Start on your Windows operating system and open the Devices and Printers folder.
  2. Locate the printer driver and remove it.
  3. Click Start again and open the Devices Manager folder.
  4. Open the HP folder, right-click the printer’s name, and select the Update Driver option. Perform the steps below to troubleshoot the driver issues.
  5. Open the Print Spooler folder, click Stop, and select OK.
  6. Type the %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers in the search box and then delete all the files in the driver file folder.
  7. Find Print Spooler in the Services list and select the Start option.
  8. Check if the Startup Type is set to Automatic and click OK. The issues will be fixed automatically.
Driver unavailable for Windows 10

Detailed Instructions for Fixing the Printer Driver Issues Automatically

Switch on your printer and wait until it is idle. Check if you have connected the printer and computer properly. If you have established a wireless connection, make sure the network is stable. If you have set a USB connection, remove the cable from the printer and computer. Replace the cable if it is damaged for solving driver unavailable for windows 10 issue.

Try restarting the printer and computer and then try to print. Set the Windows to update the driver automatically so that there is no need to find the updates and install them. Try reinstalling the printer driver. Make sure the printer is set as the default printing source.

Search for Device installation on your Windows, and click on the Change device installation settings control panel option to open the Device Installation Settings window. Select the Yes, do this automatically (recommended) option and then click Save Changes.

To install the printer driver using the Add Printer wizard, open the Control Panel on your Windows and select the View Devices and Printers option. Now click the Add a Printer option. Click the printer’ s name in the next window that opens and select Next. If the printer’s name does not appear, click the ‘The printer I want is not listed’ option and then select the Add a Local Printer or Network Printer with Manual Settings option.

Click Next and then choose a port if you have connected the printer to the computer using a USB cable. Click Next again and choose Windows Update. Wait for the update to complete. Select the Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname option in the Add Printer window and click Next.

Click the Device type drop-down menu and then select the Autodetect option. Provide the printer’s IP address if prompted. Wait for the computer to detect your printer and connect to it. Run a troubleshooter to fix the driver unavailable for windows 10 issue automatically. Click Devices and Printers, right-click the printer’s name and select Troubleshoot. Keep following the prompts until the process is complete.

If the driver unavailable for windows 10 issue remains unresolved, try deleting all the print spooler files. Search for Services and then give a double-click on the Print Spooler option. Click Stop and then select OK. Type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers in the search box and open the driver file folder. Delete all the files from the folder. Find Print Spooler in the Services list and click Start. Set the Startup Type to Automatic and then click OK. The driver unavailable for windows 10 issues will be automatically detected and fixed.

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