dot matrix printer troubleshooting guide

Dot Matrix Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Dot matrix printers utilize a set of metal pins on its printhead for creating dots. These printers are generally used for printing carbon copy documents. The printing quality is determined by the number of metal pins that are present on the printhead. Issues can arise in the Dot Matrix printer because of several reasons. The Dot matrix printer troubleshooting guide for each problem which the Dot Matrix printer encounters is given on this website.

Procedure For Clearing The Errors In The Dot Matrix Printer

  1. Make sure that the pins on the printhead are functioning correctly if white lines are seen on the printed outputs.
  2. Check if residues are present on the printhead as it can lead to issues in the printing process.
  3. Make use of alcohol for cleaning the printhead of your Dot Matrix printer.
  4. Ensure that there are no damages on the head cable.
  5. Ascertain to insert the head cable between the logic board and head correctly.
  6. Confirm whether the ink ribbon is in good condition and inserted appropriately.
  7. Check if any shortage has occurred in the transistors that are present on the logical board.
  8. Change the head cable with a new one if the issue remains unresolved.
  9. Replace the printhead if the issue is not resolved even after performing the above steps.
dot matrix printer troubleshooting guide

Brief Guidelines For Rectifying Issues In The Dot Matrix Printer

White lines are present in the graphics or text: The error usually happens when there is an issue with the printhead. This can happen when the pin located inside the printhead has stopped functioning.

Make sure the data ribbon is inserted firmly into the printhead. If it is not connected properly, use alcohol for cleaning the printhead. The malfunctioning of the pin can also happen if any residues are present on it. If the error persists, it is suggested to replace the printhead using Dot matrix printer troubleshooting guide.

Carriage moves but the Dot Matrix printer does not print: The Dot Matrix printer produces noise when the carriage moves but nothing prints. It happens when the ink ribbon is missing or dried up. Ensure that your printhead strikes the ink ribbon when the print function is occurring.

Also, observe when the printhead returns to its original position, the ink ribbon must advance the printhead. If this does not happen, it shows that the ink ribbon is installed incorrectly.

Blinking lights on the Dot Matrix printer: Check the manual that was delivered along with the Dot Matrix printer in the shipment box. Different flashing lamps indicate various errors. The pattern of the lights that are blinking also vary based on the model of your Dot Matrix printer.

Dot Matrix printer does not work: Confirm whether your Dot Matrix printer is receiving enough amount of power. Make sure your printer is associated with the Mac or Windows computer properly. If the Dot Matrix printer uses wireless connectivity, make sure that your system is not redirected to a virtual printer. Try carrying out a self-test on your Dot Matrix printer and fix it using Dot matrix printer troubleshooting guide.

Grinding sound occurs in the Dot Matrix printer: The grinding noise occurs when any foreign objects or papers are stuck inside the Dot Matrix printer. Turn Off your Dot Matrix printer. Move the carriage by yourself to ensure no paper jams are present. Make sure that the belts are not stretched.

Paper jams error in the Dot Matrix printer: The jam error is caused when a small piece of paper is stuck beneath the tractor feed or rollers. On most Dot Matrix printers, the rollers can be removed easily. Remove the jammed sheets if present and then reinstall the rollers into your Dot Matrix printer. The issue may also occur when the label sticks to the feed rollers.

Mechanical issues can also result in the paper jam error. Remove the paper from the Dot Matrix printer and then press the Form Feed button for two to three times. Check if the tractor feeds are sliding properly. Some of the printers utilize belts for moving the feed rollers. Hence, make sure that the belts are not misaligned.

Dot Matrix printer is printing blank pages: Make sure that the ink ribbon is not dried. If the ink ribbon is proper, ensure that the printhead is striking it correctly. Ensure that the ink ribbon advances each time the printhead moves back to its original position. Verify the printhead alignment. Adjust the printhead properly by making use of the levers that are present near the loaded papers and follow the instructions available on Dot matrix printer troubleshooting guide.

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