dell printer b2360dn troubleshooting

Dell Printer B2360DN Troubleshooting

The procedure that is carried out to find why an issue has occurred along with the steps done to rectify the same is referred to as troubleshooting. The Dell B2360DN printer may encounter many issues during its service. The errors that can generally happen in the Dell B2360DN printer are offline, ink cartridge problem, not printing, not scanning, etc. The steps for Dell printer b2360dn troubleshooting problems are available in the following sections.

Guidelines For Fixing The Errors In The Dell B2360DN Printer

  1. Check if any warning or error message appears on the Dell B2360DN printer’s panel.
  2. Make sure the Dell printer is connected to a working power source.
  3. Ascertain to connect the Dell B2360DN printer to the computer or laptop properly.
  4. Ensure that the correct printer is selected on your Personal Computer.
  5. Open the Control Panel pop-up window from the Start window.
  6. Switch to the Devices and Printers window and then right-click on the model of your Dell printer.
  7. Click on the Set as Default button.
  8. Make sure the correct document size and type are loaded into the Dell B2360DN printer’s input tray.
dell printer b2360dn troubleshooting

Instructions For Troubleshooting The Issues In The Dell B2360DN Printer

Dell B2360DN Printer Offline: On your Personal Computer, locate the Device Manager Settings window in the Control Panel section. Go to the USB controller’s area and select either the arrow button or plus symbol for opening the list of devices. Right-click on each USB Root Hub and then choose the Properties button.

Uncheck the box that is present next to the ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ option. Reset your Mac or Windows Personal Computer and then check if the Dell printer b2360dn troubleshooting problem is fixed.

Ensure that you have launched the newest version of the Dell B2360DN printer from this site. If the driver is outdated or corrupted, remove the software file from your system.

Deinstall the recent driver version from the manufacturer’s web page. Try performing a power cycle on all the devices, i.e., access point or router, Dell B2360DN printer, and the Mac or Windows device.

Print jobs take a longer duration of time: Decrease the font and number size. Also, reduce the number of pages to be printed and then resend the job to the Dell printer’s queue. Turn Off the Page Protect feature. Choose the Settings button on the Dell B2360DN printer, tap the OK button, and then choose the General Settings option.

Select OK, touch the Print Recovery button, and then press OK again. Select Page Protect followed by OK and then touch Off. Tap the OK button. If the Dell printer b2360dn troubleshooting issue persists, alter the environmental settings. Go to the Settings window on the printer’s touch panel and tap OK. Touch General Settings, choose the OK button, and then tap the Eco-Mode option. Now, select appropriate settings and finally, click OK.

Dell B2360N printer printing blank documents: Take the toner cartridge and the drum unit out of the Dell B2360N printer. Ensure that the packing material on the drum unit is removed completely. Reinsert the toner cartridge and the imaging unit into the Dell B2360N printer. Resend the print task to the queue and confirm whether the blank page is rectified.

Embedded Web Server does not open: Power On the Dell B2360 printer, launch a web browser, and then tap Enter. Make sure that the IP address of the Dell B2360N printer is correct. Try printing a Network Setup page.

Review the page to confirm that the Dell B2360 printer is connected to the network. Make sure that the cable connections between the Dell B2360N printer and the server are secure. Turn Off the Web Proxy Servers for a temporary period.

Printed output is too light: Open the Quality menu on the Dell B2360N printer’s touch panel and increase the darkness of the toner value. Make sure that the paper texture, weight, and type in the Texture screen matches the paper loaded into the printer’s input tray. Ensure that the loaded document has no rough or texture finishes on it. Try redistributing the toner into the imaging unit by following the manual of Dell printer b2360dn troubleshooting and also find live solution from our technical experts.

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