dell 5210n printer troubleshooting

Dell 5210n Printer Troubleshooting

Dell 5210n Printer Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot the Dell 5210n printer issue, first, try to identify the error displayed on the printer screen. After identifying the error, start performing the troubleshooting steps as instructed by the experts. Most of the Dell printer issues can be resolved manually with the help of the user guide provided with the printer during the purchase. If the printer issue persists even after troubleshooting, then contact the Dell printer technical support to fix the issue. To know more about Dell 5210n Printer Troubleshooting issues, follow the detailed instructions given below.

Simple eight steps to troubleshoot the Dell 5210n printer issues

  • Check and make sure that the Dell 5210n printer is connected to the power source and turned On.
  • Check if the main tray contains enough paper.
  • Make sure that the document or photo be printed is opened in the supportive program (PDF viewer or Windows Media viewer).
  • Make sure that your Dell 5210n printer is selected during the print, scan, or copy operation.
  • Check if the Dell printer driver is installed on your system.
  • Check and make sure that Dell printer power light is stable during the print operation.
  • Clean the printhead if the print quality is poor.
  • Recycle or replace the defective ink cartridge with a new one.

Detailed explanation about how to fix the Dell 5210n printer issue

  • Usually, if the printer displays an error message, then the printer will not print, scan, or copy. To fix this issue, efficient Dell 5210n Printer Troubleshooting methods are developed by the experts. When the printer does not support any printer operations, then immediately look for an error message on the printer screen.
  • If the error message is displayed on the printer screen, then try to identify the issue using the message and start the troubleshooting procedures. If the Dell 5210n printer goes offline during the print, scan, or copy operation, then try the troubleshooting steps given below.
  • Open the Device Manager wizard on your computer. Click the Start menu and search for the Settings option. Click the Devices & Printers option on the Settings screen. Scroll down the Devices & Printer screen and select and right-click the USB Mass Storage Device option.
  • Click the Properties option in the menu list followed by the Power Management tab. Check if the checkbox next to the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option is marked. If so, then untick the option and click the OK button.
  • After deselecting the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option, restart your computer. Once the computer is rebooted successfully, go to the Device Manager settings and select the Network adapter option. Select and right-click the Wireless adapter and click the Properties option.
  • Click the Power Management tab and deselect the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option. Now, check if the printer is turned On and ready for the print, scan, or copy operation. If this troubleshooting method does not fix the printer issue, then follow the troubleshooting tips given below.
  • Check if the printer driver is up-to-date. If the print driver is running in an older version, then update the driver from the Dell support website. Try to update your printer firmware to the latest version. Check if the installed device list contains your printer name. If so, then delete and re-install the printer on your computer. To fix the print quality issue on the Dell 5210n printer, follow the Dell 5210n Printer Troubleshooting procedures given below.
  • Switch off the Dell 5210n printer and remove the ink cartridges from the printer. Search and locate the black foam roller and move it to the center of the printer. Leave approximately 3/4 inch gap on the right side of the foam. After a while, reinsert the ink cartridges and switch on your Dell 5210n printer.s
  • Print a test page to verify the print quality. If the print quality is good and meets your need, continue performing the print operation. If the print quality is not good, then try to clean the printhead using a clean cotton swab.
  • Open the top opening and take the printhead out of the printer. Dip the cotton swab into clean water and wipe the printhead. After cleaning the printhead, leave it to dry for a while and then replace it into the printer. Try a test print. If the issue continues, then contact the Dell printer technical support to resolve this Dell 5210n Printer Troubleshooting issue.

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