The Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer delivers seamless performance, but not every time. Sometimes, it might trouble you with some common errors such as paper jam, network connectivity error, or printer offline. Most importantly, the printer gets slow while performing the printer functions. Look at the simple guidelines listed on this page for a quick fix for the common errors.

Resolving the Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer problem

At first, you’ll have to check whether the printer is turned on or not. Sometimes, your Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer’s power cable might get loosened, or it might not be connected securely at both ends. So, disconnect the power cord and reconnect it. This could help you fix the problem that you are facing.

Sometimes, the printer goes offline. It is because of the connectivity issue or some stalled print jobs. It can be resolved very quickly. Look at this section to bring back the printer online.

Now, you need to check whether the Use Printer Offline option is disabled or not. If it is enabled, disable it to keep your printer from the offline problem.

Disabling Use Printer Offline

  • On your Windows computer, go to Control Panel.
  • Select the Hardware and Sounds option and then navigate to Devices and Printers.
  • In the Devices and Printers section, locate your Canon printer and right-click on it. Select See what’s printing.
  • Select the Printer menu.
  • Check whether the Use Printer Offline option is selected or not. If it is enabled, disable it.

Canceling Print Jobs

By canceling all the stalled print jobs, you might bring back the offline printer to online. It is done with simple and easy steps.

  • On your Windows computer, type Control Panel in the search bar. From the search results, select the Control Panel option.
  • Select the Hardware and Sounds option.
  • Navigate to Devices and Printers. Select the See what’s printing option.
  • Go to the Printer menu.
  • Select the Cancel All Documents option.

Additionally, set your printer as the default one. It should fix the offline problem. Don’t know how to set your Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer as default? No problem. Just look at this section for an easy step.

Here’s how to set the printer as the default one.

  • On your Windows computer, type Control Panel in the search bar. From the search results, select the Control Panel option.
  • Now, select Hardware and Sounds and then navigate to the Devices and Printers option.
  • Locate and right-click on the printer icon.
  • Select Set as default printer. This could bring back the Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer online.

Additionally, you have to check whether the correct printer driver is installed or not. If the correct printer driver is not installed on your computer, your printer will not meet your expectations. Probably, you must uninstall and reinstall the printer driver for a quick fix.

It’s time to restart the print spooler if the printer is not printing correctly. By restarting the print spooler, you can avoid poor print quality or offline printer problems.

Restarting the print spooler

  • On your Windows computer, select the Start menu and choose the Control Panel option.
  • Choose Windows Administrative Tools and then navigate to the Services page.
  • On that page, you’ll find the Print spooler option.
  • Right-click on it. Now, click the Properties option.
  • In the Properties window, you need to select the General tab and then check the Startup type option.
  • Also, make sure that you have selected the checkbox named Automatic.
  • If the service is running well, it’s okay. If the service is not running correctly or is not active, you need to do the following. Under the Service status section, just click the Start option to begin the service. This restarts the print spooler.

Sometimes, by restarting your Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer, you can resolve any printer problem.

To begin with, you need to turn off your printer and disconnect the power cord.

  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Later, you need to reconnect the power cord to the printer.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Check whether the printer is doing well or not.

That’s it. You’ve now seen how to troubleshoot the Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer. Apply these solutions as described above for a quick fix.

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